Dec 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why it's called the PRESENT" =))) Kung Fu Panda 

Another year has passed. New adventures have been experienced! New people have entered my life....a few have exited. Seasons have come and gone! .....but I am still Switzerland, a little less lost ;)), looking back at 2010 and at the same time very much looking forward to 2011!
Just like last year, I will openly reflect a bit on the biggest highlights in my life during 2010 and at the same time mention some of my hopes and ambitions for 2011.

2010  Very happy and in love! Having improved my physical condition in record speed (for those who didn't know, I had quite a bad issue with my back and had frequent Lumbagos). My doctor told me I have excellent health and values. A great year!!
2011  I hope to stay like now - happy, in love , satisfied and with a great curiosity about the future.

2010   Due to a very hectic year at work, I didn't have as many long holidays this year as I had originally planned, but at least I finally got to go to NEW YORK. Then we also went to Paris, Como (IT) and Sweden.
2011  Will start the year by going to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks. In February, I will have one week of holiday here in Switzerland as I'm having veeeeery lovely visitors coming
here. We also have a long weekend booked to go to Rome in April. Sweden is on the list as well for this year.....and then, let's see if we have any more time ;)

2010  Well...... I went to New York in February 2010 and oh my did I do some shopping!! ;) VERY difficult to say what my favourites were, but for sure the blue, Marc Jacobs coat that I bought is on my list and also the Michael Kors handbag. You can find them all in this blog post:
2011  I'm actually hoping that 2011 will be a year when I spend less money on all kinds of shopping. What I would like to buy though is a new laptop, a new bike and a camera that can stand to go below 13metres under water......but for sure there will be some fashion pieces in there as well ;)

Life changing events
2010  Meeting Chris , the birth of my amazing little niece, Cindy , moving in with Chris, loosing my grandmother =(( (and my last grandparent). A very sweet but also sour year...
2011  Difficult to say. I honestly prefer not to speculate in these things... Maybe a change of jobs late 2011 or 2012? Hmmm... Let's just wait and see, shall we?

2010  I had the pleasure of being invited to dinner by my favourite author and one of my greatest sources of inspiration, Paulo Coelho. It was, without a doubt, one of the most interesting dinners I've ever been to.
2011 one specific in mind, but I would like to take some photography lessons, so maybe a really good photographer?

Blog happenings
2010  I managed to get an interview with one of my favourite singer/song-writers, Kate Havnevik, and posted the outcome here at the end of October. I also had a number of guest bloggers, which I found very refreshing and interesting! I recently also completed the "30 day blog challenge". I loved this as the topics were pre-defined and made me write about things I probably normally wouldn't.
2011  I hope to have some more guest bloggers here and who knows, maybe also a new interiew? 

Professional achievements
2010  Barely surviving......but while struggling as much as this, you also learn the most and boy have I learned a lot!
2011  Another postponed activity was the APICS exams I had hoped to study for and pass last  year. I hope 2011 will be the year!!! Am looking forward to studying a bit.

2010  Kings of Leon!! I heard their music for the first time in April 2010 and it was love at first hear!!!  Songs like "Sex on fire", "Notion", "Closer" and "Pyro" have been the most frequently played songs. I also  fell head over heels in love with "What I wouldn't do" by "A fine frenzy" and it has been on my mind for more than a quarter as the soundtrack of my life somehow ;)) 
2011  Hmm.... I'm curious about the upcoming 2011 releases from Sixpence None the Richer, REM and Amos Lee and am of course also hoping for the release of Kate Havnevik's album.   

2010  I mainly just tried to improve my blogging and specific projects were started and completed unfortunately.
2011  So in my update last year, I had as a project for 2010 to start writing a book.....well, I have not started, so I am really hoping to start writing one this year! Fingers crossed xxxxx
I would also love to join a womens soccer team, if I can still qualify that is....and would also like to start taking tennis lessons.

2010  "Avatar" was am amazing experience in 3D! Also really enjoyed "Inception", "A single man" where Colin Firth is OUTSTANDING and "The secrets in their eyes".
2011  So I haven't yet seen the latest "Harry Potter" and this is for sure something I'm really looking forward to. Other than that, I think 2011 will be a great movie year!! "Barney's version" looks very interesting and so does "Rango""Black Swan", "Never let me go" and "127 hours"...and I'm sure there will be MANY more!

2010  Oh my! This year will forever be the year I remember by falling in LOVE with cheese fondue!! It is without a doubt my new obsession.....
2011  I hope to make more sushi in 2011. I want to improve my "rolls" skills and make pretty inside-out ones. I also want to try to perfect my Rainbow Coloured Cupcake recipe (mainly the frosting) and to try to make this amazing Lemon tart that a friend (Anh) made for us once. It was AMAZING and she has kindly given me the recipe. I have just been a teeeny tiny bit scared I can not reach the same perfection =))

2010  Surprisingly not that many....but one really funny one was going to the wrong St Anton! Hahaha!
2011  I'm sure there will be some....and you will probably also get to read about some of them.

2010  My 2010 resoulution was to take better care of myself!! (less stress and not worry too much). It's with great pleasure I can say that this was with excellence succeeded!! ;))
2011  To focus more on personal development work-wise, have a good balance between work/personal life and to keep up the same pace, quantity and quality of exercising.

Last but not least, I would just like to say Thank you so much for all your support during 2010! Hope to see you here also during 2011 ;)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May all your hopes and wishes come true 


  1. the same to you my wonderful daughter!!

  2. That's a cute quote. I loved A Single Man also.. I may have even posted about it this year (ya, I think I did ha!)
    Sprinkles in Springs

  3. I loved reading this!
    Happy new year, Linda.

  4. Underbar lista, ett gott 2010 var det och ett ännu bättre 2011 väntar! Kram och god fortsättning!


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