Aug 31, 2009

3 days in Germany, a Swedish delivery, a one-day-trip to London and a Betsey Johnson dress...

Gosh! My life has been MAD lately allthough, thankfully, all in a good way....

Almost all of last week was spent in a 3 day meeting in Germany with my category collegues from around Europe. Great fun but also A LOT of hard work!
My collegue from Sweden made my Friday as she had brought two of my favourite Swedish goodies with her!! My favourite coffee and liqorice candy! (*singing* "Heaven! I'm in heaven....").

When I came home on Friday eve, I was soooooo tired that I fell almost instantly asleep (too tired to think in a creative way such as "maybe I can use my coffee delivery to get re-energized??").

Early Saturday, I flew to London on a one-day-trip as I had to meet someone there. Again, great fun - but really really exhausting (came back at 11pm)!
Was in the area of Covent garden which is quite new to me... Rushed up from the underground,
running away from all sneezing people, in a hurry to wash my hands, terrified with a head filled of hypochondriac-thoughts by the posters I had seen at the airport regarding the swine-flu
(Should I have worn one of those air-purifying masks?! Should I have gone at all? Didn't that man in a yellow hoodie look like he had a fever? He had a funny sneeze! ...and that lady with the checked skirt could hardly breathe as she was hiding her mouth & nose in a tissue all the way from Earls court?! I should buy hand-sanitizer! I feel this a fever?!)!
Borrowed the ladies-room at a nearby restaurant, washed my hands 3 times and guess what I see 2 minutes later?? A BETSEY JOHNSON store!! OH MY! Am I lucky or what?! Especially since I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and had up until then, no clue what-so-ever what to wear.

45 minutes later, I came out of there with a BIG SMILE on my face and a pink shopping bag in my right hand. Inside it - a gorgeous new dress from my favourite dress-designer (what is the swine-flu again?).

Now I am finally back home, eating liqorice in my sofa, blogging again and desperately wondering how in Gods name I'm gonna be able to find matching shoes and bag for that dress?! Anyone? Suggestions?? Please see picture! I have 4 days left.....

Reflecting on some of the things that have happened to me lately, pondering on things like "Is life indeed a "Truman show"?" or "Where can I find a reasonably well working crystal ball"? or "Is there a meaning to all this or is this really just random?" Guess I will never know......
Something I really believe that has also been a very frequent thought is something that I read in my Facebook "Minekey" application: "Try and fail, but don't fail to try!"
I love that as a new theme for my life!

That's all for now.... Hope you are all having FUN and enjoying LIFE!

Linda - Lost in her thoughts again.....and desperately seeking for matching shoes!

Aug 25, 2009

"I'm in love, In love" with

...pardon the excitement but -

I have found a new little web-accessorie-gem that I like to share with you... They have sooo many nice things!

I'm going NUTS over these gorgeous little sterling silver jewellry pieces, so naturally, (like any planner) I have made a priority-slash-wish-list-slash-top-5-list.

1. "I am in love, in love"
Love at first sight! Oh yes....
This little locket (to the left) is gonna be mine for the keeping....
So pretty with it's little lace bow & Swarowski crystalled glass-flower......Aaaahhh.....

....bring out the little diva in you (or at least pretend to be one?)
by hanging this statement envelope around your neck!

Isn't this adorable? A little milky-blue bouqet of flowers to carry with you into the less flowery fall? These won't fade but will last you year-round, I am certain....

This one suits me almost too well ;))
I especially love the little brass-key and the glass-drop detail....

Tiny brass ballerinas with a little grey satin bow....dingeling on a silver chain!

They do have some tops too, but most of them are a little too outrageous for my style.......with the exception of the "I really need a fuckin' coffee" top....which would suit me quite well in the morning!

Well..... I hope you like these!
If you do, have a look and let me know which one is YOUR favourite ;)


In love.....and lost in Switzerland

Ps....will be in Germany on a businesstrip until Friday, so chances are you won't hear from me until the weekend... Take care!!

Aug 24, 2009

Movie recommendation - Waitress

Waitress (2007)

This is the story of a woman trapped in a life from which she dreams to escape from...

Jenna's (Keri Russell) secret ambition is to save enough money from her waitressing job to leave her overbearing and controlling husband.
Jenna is a sharp, sassy woman with a gift for making unusual pies whose recipes are inspired by the trials, tribulations and circumstances of her life.
An unwanted pregnancy changes the course of events giving her an unexpected confidence via letters to her unborn baby.

"I could find the whole meaning of life in those sad eyes"

I fell head over heels in love with this completely adorable & charming little gem! Keri Russel is simply sparkling! The ingredients are not all sweet though. Actually the story is rather sad - but it leaves you with a feeling joy and hope...

"I Hate My Husband Pie... You take bittersweet chocolate and don't sweeten it. You make it into a pudding and drown it in caramel".

I haven't seen a movie this heartwarming since Little Miss Sunshine ;o) ...and let me add, I haven't been this hungry while watching a movie since Chocolat!! Though my hopes for this film were high - it managed to surprise me in the most positive way. Movies like this one don't come along that often, so make sure you don't miss out...

Watch the trailer:

....or read more here:

Enjoy and please let me know what you thought..?

Lost in Switzerland

Aug 23, 2009


Just came back from a FANTABULOUS day picnicking outdoors in the sunshine at Husemersee (inbetween Schaffhausen and Wintherthur)!!
It is truly amazing how an afternoon of fresh air, sunshine, picnicking & playing in the green grass does wonders for ones soul! ....and it's so simple!
Just pack a cooler bag of some goodies & cool drinks, bring a blanket, a swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, something to read, something to play with, your camera, your loved one, your family or some good friends and just find a spot somewhere (preferably by the water)! THE WORLD IS TRULY YOUR OYSTER!
This time, we also brought soap-bubbles.......they are so pretty!!

As I stated in my previous posts, I would really have liked to try to have a picnic in a tree, but still think that would be a little premature ;)) Besides, a tree picnic would require a big old oak tree or similar and they don't errhhmmm really grow on trees here (oh gosh, I'm such a nerd!)........

The weekend was spent in Winterthur and it has been really great and veeeeery calm.... Still being very careful with my back as I don't want any relapses! Missed the fireworks in Neuhausen on Saturday on purpose as we got a little tooooo comfortable in front of the TV, having a 30 rocks marathon......with popcorn!
....and we easily convinced ourselves that as we had seen fireworks just a few days earlier, it wouldn't be a disaster to miss them (if any of you reading this were there - please do tell how it was??).

It is Sunday evening so, like every Sunday evening, I'm thinking about the week ahead of me!
This time with a little bitter-sweet taste... Bitter as I will go to Germany on a business-trip this week, for a few days, and I'm a little bit afraid of what my back will have to say about that and because, like after any great weekend - I just don't feel compleeeeetely ready for a week of hard work ;))
So why is it sweet? Well.... Believe ir or not, but I actually really LIKE my job! I have a great, challenging job and some wonderful collegues! Also, this week in Germany, I will get to meet the people I work with practically every day over phone, e-mail & web-conferencing, face to face again, which is always fun!

Now time to once again snuggle up in the sofa, watching a good movie or perhaps some more 30 rock?? Eeeeehhhh.... Do I have an addiction? Does it sound bad?? Could be worse, right?

How about making a vow to do the following things this week? I hope you're with me!!
1. Give someone that is not a close friend a compliment!
2. Smile at and say Hello to all the elderly people you pass by...
3. Call an old friend with whom you haven't spoken for a while.

Remember, it is nice to be important - but it's MORE IMPORTANT TO BE NICE!

I really hope you had a great relaxing weekend and that you'll enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!
Sending you all a big smile right now (regardless of your ages ;))

Happy, but a little lost in her Sunday dwelling....still in Switzerland

Aug 22, 2009

Bored? Out of ideas? Restless?

The I think found the PERFECT solution!
I founds this wonderful list of things to do before summer ends and want to share this with all of you for inspiration!!

This is from the blogger "Galadarling" and she has the most fantastic ideas and blog-posts!!
Some are a little outrageous (which is partially why I love it ;))!

Here is her list of "Things to do before summer ends" (...some are not exactly conventional! Ha ha haaaa!):

Personally.... I intend to have a tree-picnic & buy a hula-hoop as soon as I'm back to 100% (too soon for risks! I remember very well what happened when I wanted to try the Roman rings...)

Life is too short not to make the best and the most of everything that comes your way everyday.....

Enjoy ♥♥♥
Lost in Switzerland

Ps. If that was not enough? She also has another list of things to do in summer - and as far as I'm concerned, summer is STILL HERE!!!

Aug 21, 2009

Movie recommendation - 17 again

17 again (2009)
4/5 here is something fun for the weekend if you are unlucky to suffer from a weekend of bad weather, just need to relax, laugh or if you simply don't have any other plans!
This movie was a very pleasant surprise!!

Starring Zac Efron, Matthew Perry & Leslie Mann, this brilliant comedy is about a guy whose life didn't quite turn out how he wanted it or expected it to and he wishes he could go back in time to change that as he is feeling a little robbed of his "true" destiny.
He goes back to his old high-school, reminiscing about the old glory days where he meets an old janitor.
Later, he sees the same janitor trying to jump off a bridge so he stops his car and tries to stop him from jumping! Instead, he falls down with the janitor.....
The next morning he wakes up to find he is 17 again with the chance to rewrite his life!

Sounded to me when I first read about this movie that I'd seen it before - but it's really truly funny and heartwarming at the same time! ...and as I've grown older, I see too many examples of people who would really need just this to realize how lucky they really are in life!

Watch the trailer:

Or read more about it here:


Dear diary...

It is Friday and the dark, angry-looking clouds that were earlier hiding the beautiful sunshine have now disappeared......the sun is shining on Schaffhausen again!!
Am happy as I managed to have lunch today with a good friend who's getting MARRIED soon (am soooo excited for the two of them!!). Love to hear all the planning details and am soooo looking forward to their BIG DAY!!
...just left for me to also decide on what to wear?! Gosh! Only two weeks away!

For the past few days, I've been working from home which has been great for my back!! I'm laying down with the computer in my lap, my handsfree plugged in, ready for phonecalls and teleconferences and alternating that with back-excercises and walks. Now I feel muuuuuuch better (and am completely off medication)!!! ...the feeling is like I have been released from prison (not that I actually know what that feels like......but...oh well...)!!

Opening up my e-mail inbox this morning, was despite the ridiculous number of unread e-mails (450 in 1 1/2 weeks during the holiday period??), a "peace of cake" thanks to the WONDERFUL colouring system I am using to determine wether the e-mail was:

- Sent only to me or containing the words "activity request"
(Priority 1 to open! - marked in RED)
- Sent to me with but with someone else in my team in copy or contains the word "deadline"
(priority no 2, marked in BLUE)
- Sent to a group of people with me AND someone else in the "TO" field (Normal priority, e-mail is GREEN)
- Sent to a distributionlist with me either in copy or in blind-copy and all the rest
(Just regular BLACK)

I am a little bit of a structure freak at work, so basically the total opposite from outside of work (this was just for you mom, if you are listening as I'm sure you'd be wondering who I'm talking about). I believe in the saying "Don't bring your work home"! (or maybe that's just a lazy excuse.....not sure!).
Still a lot of greens and blacks left but I have reduced the number of red's by 100% and the blue's by 75%! I think I can feel pretty good about this considering the starting-point....

A little bit of a theme in my life right now seem to be fireworks! I fireworks!!
I have the pleasure of having a "castle" (the Munot) my neighbour....kind of...and on Wednesday this week there were FIREWORKS up there! We were sitting on the balcony/terrace and talk about the best seat in the h o u s e !! (with the exception of having to spend 15 minutes cleaning out firework/gunpowder residuals from my hair afterwards...and not to mention the mess it left on the floor....all worth it though)!
This weekend, on Saturday, there will appearantly be another firework session at the beautiful Rheinfall and we will definately be going to this. YAY! Hoping to find something I can use as a tripod as the pictures were not so nice as I had hoped =o/
Let's see...... Will keep you posted!

Oh....this next few lines certainly do not go by the theme of fireworks.
Recieved some very disappointing news (applying THE FILTER now if you are wondering) just before the weekend, so feeling a bit down at the moment - but will surely snap out of it! It just meant to be??! Well.... I HAVE to snap out of it.... A positive attitude and mindset is KEY to many ways of being creative and moving forward in diffrent aspects in life - keep this in mind! (I'm also reminding myself by writing this ;)).....
Need to watch wome more of 30 rock and laugh a bit!!

Have a great weekend girls & boys, ladies & gentlemen, wives & husbands, mom's & dad's and whom ever else is reading this (you should really drop me a guestbook note telling me who you are *wink wink* ;))!

Linda - Still lost in Switzerland

Ps. I love my little flag counter that I installed a couple of days ago! It counts the number of unique visitors per country =))

Aug 19, 2009

Sprinkly Blueberry & White Chocolate Cupcakes

Hey everyone!

For the past two weeks or so, I've had this incredible craving for cupcakes!
Yesterday, I finally felt good enough to manage!
As I didn't have so many ingredients at home, I made up my own recipe and the result was, dare I say, DELICIOUS!!! ....and therefor I dare to share it with you....with pride ;)

I namned them after a fellow blogger, Maddie (whose blog you can see by clicking the banner on the right-hand side) as when I finally had managed to get over my cupcake obsession, what do you think I found on her blog?! Sprinkle-girl - this is for you!

Sprinkly Blueberry & White Chocolate Cupcakes
Ingredients (20 cupcakes)

100 g melted white chocolate
2 dl melted butter
2 dl white sugar
3 eggs
2 dl sour cream
2 teaspoons of vanilla powder
1 1/2 teaspoons of baking-powder
5 dl white flour
2 dl fresh blueberries

Set the oven on 175 degrees Celsius.
Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over a pot of boiling water. Stir carefully as white chocolate is VERY heat sensitive.

While the chocolate cools down...
Mash the blueberries with a fork. Beat the butter, sugar, eggs, sourcream and the vanilla powder together in a large bowl for about 1 min.
Add the mashed blueberries and the chocolate (once cooled down).
Now you can add the rest of the dry ingredients and stir it very carefully together (beat on medium/max speed for 2-3 minutes).

Now you can spoon the cupcake batter into paperliners until 1/2 full (I used medium-size).
When done, bake in the middle of the oven for 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean ;)
Let the cupcakes cool down completely before adding any frosting if you want it to stay pretty!

I used simple sugar based glazing bought in little tubes (pink & white) and added multi-coloured sprinkles, but If i had more ingredients at home - I would have topped them with a white chocolate mousse and then added the sprinkles.... That's for next time!


If you decide to try..........please do let me know what you thought?

Lost in her sofa, munching on cupcakes (which I think I deserve as I've been walking for like 2-3 hours the pace of a snail, but hey! At least I can move now! ;))

Aug 18, 2009

Some recently shopped "treasures"

Coooou Cooouuuu!

Wanted to share some of my latest findings with you as I adore all of them ;))
Where possible I will tell you where you can find them in case you, as me, fall in love with any of these items....

The first picture is a blouse that I bought online at (I know, I'm mentioning this site a's brilliant!). I think it's soooo cute! It's got my favourite thing, a neck bow-tie and little dog-prints! AND it doesn't cost a fortune!! Couldn't resist...

The second books are both inspirational and funny! They come from a LOVELY book website called, Taschen, that has a great range of cute and interesting books such as these that look great on your coffee-table (for ppl in Stockholm - they also have books from Taschen in the store Stockhome in Sergelgången)...

On the third picture you can see my latest shoe-purchase... Got these Paco Gil flats in Venice and they are GORGEOUS (my opinion of course....) and comfortable! Found the website - but not my shoes on it. Found some other good ones though...uuuhmmmm... ;)

Picture number four is an adorable bar of soap that I found in a shop just around the corner from where I live called Lieblings. It's a wonderful little shop where I love to go in if I'm out walking in Schaffhausen and I have some spare time... They also have an online Noa-Noa shop!

Number five is a cute denim dress from Calvin Klein, bought at a fabulous brand outlet in Lugano, here in Switzerland, called Fox Town. If you are in the area - I'd stongly recommend a stop there! There are plenty of stores in there - but my favourites were Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Gucci and Calvin Klein. Very good prices and actually a good assortment!

Oooohhh! Number 6 is a little tray - perfect for bringing the cup of tea or hot-chocolate upstairs to my sofa (and it also fits at least 4 cupcakes at the same time ;)). This little treasure is also from the Liebling shop here in Switzerland.

The seventh picture is one of the two carneval masks that I bought in Venice (the other one is the green, feathered one that you can see in my Venice post or in my Flickr photo-stream).
It's handmade and I love the colours and the flower details. Unfortunately here I can't give you a link but simply repeat something said before in my Venice post; GO THERE if you can! It's great! One piece of advice on buying masks... Don't get the ones in the stands on the piazzas etc but go for the ones in the specialized mask-maker stores. Not THAT much of a price diffrence, but quality-wise a big diffrence.

...almost the same story goes for the 8th picture. These little cherry earrings were so adorable that I couldn't resist (even though found in a department for children! Who says grown-up's can't have cherry earrings?? ;)). I found them in San Gimignano in Tuscany, so also in Italy......and again, if you have the opportunity to see Tuscany - GO! Such a beautiful place...
Anyway, I found something very similar here if you are interested.

That's all for now..... Will now head out for a little walk by the Rhein and then do some back-excercises so I can get this back of mine fixed ASAP! I'm MOTIVATED (Yeah!)...and reaaaaallyy bored of staying at home!! My comforts right now are my wonderful boyfriend, the TV series "30 rock" (really, if you haven't seen it - do ASAP! I'm laughing my ass off!!) and my blog!

Take care and hope to see you again very soon!

Lost somehere by the Rhein in Switzerland

Aug 17, 2009

Sweden vs Switzerland

Hello my lovely blog-readers!

So... I asked my Facebook friends what they would like to see in my next blogpost and I got this as a suggestion and must say, I love the idea!!

This blogpost is dedicated to Katja Tedmar Thank you for the inspiration!!! ;)




....based on what I know so far - here is the comparison ;))

Pros about Sweden
The shopping is sooooo much better +1
People let you mind your own business +1
People are open and relaxed +1
There are places where you can go shopping for the latest fashion everyday of the week (in Stockholm at least) until 9pm +1
...and for groceries everyday of the week until at least 10pm +1
SMÅGODIS - candy! +1
You don't have to go far to find your own spot in the grass or by a lake and you can be
Even by the sea... +1
The service in restaurants is much better +1
It is sooo easy to be a vegetarian and eat healthy food +1
Tax-declaration is so easy, like it was made for dummies in comparison to the Swiss version, and comes to you in a pre-filled form with all your incomes, savings etc... +1
International movies are shown in their respective languages with subtitles +1
It is only dark for a few hours every night during summer +1
= 14

Cons about Sweden
You pay 27-30% tax up to around 3 000 EUR and anything above 50%! How can you make money?! -1
THE WINTER (unless you are a polarbear or Santa Clause, this is just not pleasant)!!!
Brrrrrrr! -1
Alcohol is monopolized to one single store (Systembolaget) and their opening hours SUCK! -1
The VAT is ridicilously high! -1
You drive for 6 hours and you just got to another swedish town, with almost identical climate....boring... -1
When you go to the doctor, they assume you suffer from hypochondria unless you are visibly dying -1
Winter and fall is reeeeeeaaaally dark and long -1
= -8
Total result Sweden: +6

Pros about Switzerland
The tax-system is awesome (especially for a Swede)!! 7-10%! +1
The nature is u n b e a t a b l e in terms of beauty!! +1
The CHOCOLATE! Mmmmmmm..... +1
The Rhein! Seriously... The river here is turqoise, see-through and sooo beautiful! +1
I can be in Italy in 3-4 hours! +1
I am in Germany in 5 minutes +1
I can go to France in a little more than 1 hour+1
The cheeeeese (this could of course also count as a con, aswell as the chocolate, as the cholesterol level in your blood tends to drastically increase unless you have the self-discipline of a buddhist munk!) +1
The climate (summers are REALLY hot and winters are mild ♥♥♥) +1
Great carreer opportunities (very low unemployment rate) +1
The service that the banks give here make me feel like a millionare!! +1
If your issue is acute, you can get penicillin and antibiotics WITHOUT a prescription from your doctor (the pharmacy staff do quick exams) +1
Swissair +1
The Alps +1
Chiropractors are just as highly considered as "normal" doctors and hence, you pay the same amoumt of money (this pro is very much appreciated right now!!) +1
= 15

Cons about Switzerland
You can only throw away your garbage TWICE every WEEK in my area and every bag needs a you can imagine the pain of forgetting to buy the stamps on the day of disposal and then needing to throw away the residuals of your seafood dinner?!?! -1
There are speedcameras everywhere and they ALL work (ppl drive in the pace of turtles!) -1
Swiss-people are like the police! You can not park incorrectly for 3 minutes without someone telling you to immediately move your car or else..... I've even had one elderly man screaming he would call the Polizei when all I wanted was to offload my groceries! -1
There is no sea here and the lakes are soooo crowded! -1
Impossible to find "real" shrimps! -1
It's so difficult to find healthy food, especially good salads (with the dressing on the side) !! -1
The german-lessons I'm taking don't help! Swiss-german is impossible for me to understand and few people speak english (or let's say few ppl are willing to...) -1
The whole freakin' country is closed on Sundays!! -1
Normal sized grocery-stores close at 19 on weekdays -1
Go grocery-shopping in Switzerland and you're ruined in no time!! EXPENSIVE! -1
Crap-coffee! Nespresso?? Seriously? -1
The customs fee's/import duty is suuuch a hassle (not a part of the EU)!! -1
= -12
Total result Switzerland: +2

Overall result: Sweden vs Switzerland: 6 - 2

I have probably forgotten about a million points!! ....and of course I could also add the fact that Switzerland doesn't have my family and my Swedish friends here - but in their defense, they can't really help that! That's the biggest con though ;)
On top of this, in all fareness, I am of course still biased! In all honestly, there are a lot of wonderful things about both of these countries just as there are really bad things and I think this goes for ALL countries.

I love Sweden and miss my home-country so much it hurts sometimes....and allthough this is a fact - I have no plans to move home yet... I get this question all the time: Will I ever?
Well, I'm not the kind of person who likes to plan my life ahead but want to stay open and keep room in my life for spontaneity!
I guess only time will tell ;)

Thanks for reading ♥
In Switzerland physically (lost) - but still in Sweden mentally??

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

To all you bloggers out there - please help spread the word!
For every blogger that puts their badge on their blog, they will offset 350 pounds of carbon in your name. Just click the below link to get started...

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

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C'mon people - let's hug some trees!

Lost in the rainforest

Movie recommendation - Coraline

Coraline (2009)

A young girl (voiced by Dakota Fanning) walks through a secret door in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to her real life - only much better. But when her adventure turns dangerous, and her counterfeit parents (including Other Mother (mother and other mother voiced by Teri Hatcher)) try to keep her forever, Coraline must count on her resourcefulness, determination, and bravery to get back home - and save her family.

This movie was sooo wonderful!!! I read somewhere that this movie is like a mix of "Spirited away" and "Alice in Wonderland" - that was really a great way to describe it! It's charming but at the same time quite dark and not really suitable for children in my opinion... In terms of storyline and visual experience - I simply loved it!!

Watch the trailer:

...or read more on:

Lost in Switzerland

Pay it forward....

Hello wonderful people!

I will dedicate this new blogpost to three other blogs that I follow and that I simply adore!
As I'm quite a new blogger, it's taking some time for me to understand all the things happening here in cyberspace in terms of blogging etiquette etc, but I think I'm getting there...

In this post, I want to hand out the "Better than ice cream" award to the 3 blogs that for whatever reasons has caught my attention lately. Someone who's blog is inspiring me, someone who has done an exceptional job with their blog or just made me think diffrently about something...

The whole point of the "Better than ice cream" award is for the bloggers who recieve it to then pay it forward to the 3 bloggers who have had that same impact on them. It can even be to the blogger giving it to you, as long as you also give to 2 other bloggers to keep it moving forward!
If you recieve this award more than once, just headline it xthe number of times.
(the purple text is to be included in the blog post when passing this on so it keeps moving).

1. This one for me is a given! The first one I'm handing out is to {sprinkle} tiaras atop our pastel hair;; who's blog is just so cute and adorable that I instantly check her blog posts as soon as notification of a new post is given to me in my blogger dashboard! Thanks for the inspiration Sprinkle-girl! So glad our paths have crossed =)) Check out her blog by clicking on Sprikleton above or just click on the banner on my blog-page linking to her...

2. The second one is to a swedish interiordecorating blog from where I found so much inspiration!! Thank you Johanna !
I really urge my swedish readers to check it out ;))

3. The third one was very even as there are so many great blogs out there, but yesterday I recieved a comment on one of my blogposts from a girl called "Lina". I found that she has a beeaaauuutiful blog of her own, called From Lina , and I especially LOVE her pictures!! It was blog-love at first sight and I'm now a happy follower....

Thank you all for inspiring us and I hope you will pass these awards on...

To the rest of you- be sure to check these out and let me know if you find some inspiring blogs on your own that you would like to share with me...

Linda - Lost in Switzerland

Aug 16, 2009

Movie recommendation - My summer of love

My summer of love (2005)

Two 16-year olds spending one long, hot summer together in Yorkshire.

Mona (Natalie Press) is a tough Northern girl whose spiky exterior hides an untapped intelligence and a yearning for something beyond the emptiness of her daily life.

Tamsin (Emily Blunt) is well educated, cynical and spoiled, and, unlike Mona, incapable of love.

At first Mona and Tamsin's distinctly opposite cultures, backgrounds and characters cause them not to understand or trust each other, but gradually these differences lead to mutual fascination and attraction. Added into the volatile mix is Phil who, despite his troubled past, has now found divine love which he hopes will save himself and Mona.

This movie will not suit the conventional, but it for sure kept me spellbound from start to finish!!
In my opinion, stumbling into such a little gem is quite rare - so don't miss it ;)

Watch the trailer:

...or read more:

Enjoy - and let me know what you thought...
Lost in the unconventional & preferably independent world of movies

My list of "must haves" this fall

Wether we like it or not, fall is not too far away.....which means bye bye to halterneck tops, summer dresses and sandals! (well at least until some lucky few of us go on fall/winter holidays to warmer latitudes).
I'm not saying I won't enjoy the rest of the summer or that I consider it to be over! For sure I will try to get as much out of it as I possibly can - but it doesn't hurt to start planning your new autumn wardrobe pieces ;) Especially if you are like me and really really enjoy it!

I'm not the kind of girl who follows trends like a slave, allthough some of them do bring inspiration... I know for sure one big trend that I won't follow this fall which is the so called "cut-out" trend which basically is clothes with rips in them.... Almost as funny as the "wolf-shirt" trend in the end of 2008. Seriously??! (apologies if I now offend someone...certainly not my intention! Taste is just diffrent from person to person).
Well....there are things for everyone out there and for this, I am very happy!

So here is a part of my wishlist (without relative order) for this fall, basically based on nothing but my own taste which I think it's really all about... YOUR OWN TASTE - but with some trend inspiration when and where you see fit:

True Religon is by far my favourite jeans brand! Always perfect fit!!
These straight-leg jeans feature 5-pocket styling and a single-button closure. Flower-embossed studs at pockets and horseshoe stitching at button-flap coin and back pockets. Whiskering at front. Moderate distressing.

This brand have so many cool and diffrent tops aswell, but as I recently got myself one, I think I will just settle for
this very cute little wool jacket.

A linen mix woven top by Fornarina with rainbow vertical stripe pattern in a "batwing" style with long sleeves

This lightweight tunic (to the right) comes from ArdenB and is perfect to wear to work! It features a button front with pintuck detail and self tie waist sash. Rolled sleeves with tabover button detail and a nylon sheen throughout. Unlined.

I just adore this, salmon coloured, lace float sleeved blouse from Topshop with bow detail!!

Another favourite from Topshop is the below frill-sleeved blouse with "pinkish" front embroidery detail and cute buttons in the back.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat from William Sharp! It's very pricy for what it is (a beanie HAT!) but I'm such a sucker for cherries and if it comes in cashmere, well then I think I'm in heaven!
.....and guess what?? There are mathing gloves too!!! GAAAAHHH!

Super cute and super soft bunny jersey of smooth 100% cotton.

This gorgeous orange blouse is a great new look for the office + it has something that I never get tired of; A neck bow-tie ;)

For some reason I always struggle to find shoes for fall and winter that I really like... This time was no exception!

Finally I found these veeeeery nice shoes from Modern Vintage that I think can be worth it's price...

Great retro dress with wonderful ruffle details and back zip closure. So cute!!

Normally, fall clothing tend to be a little dull in terms of colouring, so my number 12 is to spice it up a little!
This pretty bracelet to the right comes from Rachel Leigh, who is one of my favourite designers.

That's all for now.....allthough I'm sure I'll be back with more shopping-tips shortly...
Happy shopping dear blog-readers!!

Lost (in her wardrobe) in Switzerland

Ps. Also keep your eye out on this wonderful vintage-collection web-site ;)