Aug 11, 2009

Yes! I love "junk-jewellery" - and I'm certainly not ashamed of it!

I have a thing for (read love for) cute, adorable little jewellery! Not the posh, expensive kind, allthough that is also nice sometimes, but the plastic, sometimes very cheap, non-refined metal kind that you can buy loads and loads of without being ruined ;)

Recently I found a brand that was new to me, that is now definately in my top 3 list of favourite junk-jewellery brands. The brand is called Milajki.

...and guess what? Maybe not a big surprise, but I have some favourites to share with you!
The price-range is between 25-60 Euros per piece.

Top left: Yummy Strawberry Cake Long Necklace
Top right: Yummy Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Earrings
Mid left: Treasure Hunt St Tropez Pineapple Charm Earring
Mid right: Swamp Safari Flamingo Earrings (Tanja - I believe this could be something for you?)
Bottom left: Yummy Strawberry Milkshake Earrings
Bottom right: Yummy Sprinkled Donut Long Necklace
♥♥♥ ME LAJKI ♥♥♥

Ps. I am dedicating this blog-post to two of my fellow junk-jewellery fans, Tanjalainen and Tessiloo ;)

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