Aug 14, 2009

Have no envy - no fear...

Why am I writing about Joshua Radin?
I'll tell you why...
He's music inspires me so much because he has something that unfortunately too few artists have in their music today - voulnerability and openness!

If you ever see him live, you'll understand that even more than by just listening to his albums, as he almost makes you feel like you are sitting in your own livingroom while he's playing you a private concert... This is rare!
He also shares the stories behind his songs, inbetween the music, with such honesty, which is really wonderful!
I hope he will always stay this down to earth and relaxed...

The first time I heard a Joshua Radin sing was while watching an episode from Greys Anatomy season 2 ( episode 18: "Yesterday") where it features his song "Closer".
It was love at first hear (?)! That voice was so amazing and the lyrics too! I had to check the ABC website right after the show to find out more.
This was in 2006 and I have been hooked ever since ♥♥♥

The genre of Joshua's music is a mix of acoustic, folk and pop. I've also heard a few times "whisper rock" as a genre description. You can ready more about him or check out his current tour dates by visiting his Myspace page.

I currently have his latest album "Simple times" on repeat, which is probably why I felt I wanted to share this music-tip with you. I just never seem to get tired of if.....
It has helped me through some hard times and some of his songs are also very uplifting and inspiring, such as "No envy, no fear"!
One of the songs on this album, "One of those days", was in a way the soundtrack of my 2008.

A little "fun to know" is that Joshua played his song "Today" at Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's wedding. Other potential candidates had been George Michael and Justin Timberlake, but in the end they chose him... Pretty cool!

In mid July (2009) he played in Lucerne here in Switzerland at the Blue Balls Festival and there was of course no way I was gonna miss that! I went there with two very good friends of mine and I am sooooo happy we went! It was amazing!
(not only the concert itself of course - but the trip too)!

I even had the good fortune of briefly meeting him after the concert and he really seems like such a sweet and relaxed guy.
I was buying his CD and got it signed by the man himself.... It made me feel like such a little groupie! Hahaha! Back to the age of 14 in 2 seconds (wish there were more everyday things that could bring that effect!).
Anyway... I went back to my friends and realised that one of my cousins is also a big fan of him so I thought I'd take a chance and go back to see if I could have another CD
signed as I thought that would be a very cool thing to send to him. Especially as I knew my cousin wouldn't be expecting that at all.
I bought the CD and stood in the, by then, long line (me and like twenty-something 14 year old drewling girls! (To avoid misunderstandings, let's be clear... I'm not the drewling type!! ;)).
When it was finally my turn he gave me a very funny look like "Hmmmm.... Haven't you already been here?" and I expected him to say something like "I already signed yours! Bye!, but instead he said "I remember you - you are Linda"! I have to say I'm impressed by this guys memory....

To finish this artist recommendation off - I'd like to share 2 things with you.... First the song that has been the most played song for me during the last half of 2008 as I think it's one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. The lyrics are so amazing and especially gripping to anyone who has ever been left behind by someone or ever caused heartbreak to someone else in that way.... To those of you who know more details about this time in my life (this is where the filter mentioned in my blog description comes in), you will understand when you hear the lyrics.

The second and last thing I want to share in this post is the lyrics to one of Joshuas songs that I find very inspiring! The song is called "No envy no fear" and people! This is really what we have to stop in our lifes to be happy and move on! Don't envy others and let go of your own fears....

No envy, No fear by Joshua Radin

"Some are reaching few are there,
wandering from a heros chair
Some are scared to fly so high,
well this is how we have to try

Have no envy and no fear

Brother brother we all see,
your hiding out so painfully
See yourself come out to play,
a lovers rain will wash away

You envy and you fear, so have no envy, no fear

When your sister turns to leave,
only when shes most in need,
take away the cause of pain,
by showing her were all the same.

Have no envy and no fear

...and every day we try to find,
we search our hearts and our minds
The place we used to call our home,
cant be found when were alone

So have no envy, no fear...."

Thanks for listening dear blog readers!
Take care of your hearts (but don't keep them locked-up!) and be careful with the hearts of others...


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