Aug 10, 2009

N o s t a l g i a !

A few weeks ago, I came to think about watching TV when I was a kid...
I will never forget when "North and south" was first showed on Swedish TV.
It rocked my world! I was absolutely mesmerized by the characters, moved by the intrigues - and most of all, the beautiful dresses and their gorgeous hair! Madeline Fabray was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and Orry Main the most romantic man on the planet... Oh I even wished I would grow up to look like and be like Mrs Brett Hazard!

I have later realised that this turned out to be some kind of education for me and it's roots go deep. This is how I learned to despise injustice and immoral behaviours, to set my standards for romance, to believe in love at first sight and to love beautiful things.

Two days later, I decided that I had to find this wonderful TV series on DVD to find out if this infatuation of mine was due to young age...
...and so I did find it, Book 1 and Book 2! I finished it all in 5 days.〈=se&subsite=movies&&ref=〈=se&subsite=movies&&ref=

It is rare for me to say this about something I watched when I was a child to then try to rediscover as an adult - but it's even better now than I remembered!

Maybe you should try it too? ;)


  1. Åååhhhh vad jag älskade denna serie!!!
    Saknar dig! Kramar

  2. =)) Se den igen - den kanns verkligen annu battre nu... Kanske for att man forstar mer ;)
    Saknar dig ocksa! Bamse kram


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