Dec 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

“I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.” William Allen White

I believe it is only natural to reflect on the year that's passed just as a brand new one is about to begin... I've been thinking of all kinds of creative, potentially innovative ways to present the highlights of mine, but in the end I thought "Why bother spending so much time on the past when what I really should be doing is looking into the future?".

Having that said, I decided on a kind of compromise and thought I'd list the highlights of 2009 but also the things I hope to do 2010.
Here goes ;))

2009 Going home again after 8 months! ...all I can say is WOW!
2010 2 things.... The first one I'm hoping for is the one I get when friends/family come to visit. The second one I'm hoping for is a sense of feeling calm (which is unfortunately quite unusual for me)!

2009 Italy for sure!!! Como, Venice, Tuscany & Cinque terre was truly AMAZING!
2010 Planning to go to a tropical island (yet to be decided which one...and shared ;)) with one of my best friends....bliss!

2009 Oohh....this is tricky, but I think I'll choose my latest Betsey Johnson dress!
2010 Hoping to find the perfect knee-high boots for next fall/ this was mission impossible this year!

2009 Joshua Radin!!
2010 My favourite author and one of my greatest sources of inspiration....will keep you posted!

Professional achievement
2009 Hmm.....well I guess getting "accidentally" promoted in November can count??
2010 Mainly aiming to stay afloat, but I guess passing the APICS exams could be a goal ;)

2009 Ingrid Michaelson entered my musical world and all I can say is WOW!
2010 Really really looking forward to hearing Regina Spektors newest!!

2009 Well.... I guess that would be this blog!
2010 I am really hoping to start writing a book, or at least outlining the idea I have ;))

2009 Slumdog Millionaire ties with Grave of the fireflies!
2010 Tim Burtons "Alice in Wonderland" and of course "Harry Potter and the deathly hallows Part 1"!! Exciting movie year ahead!


2009 Postponing the import of my car because of silly indecisiveness....have a very unpleasant bill coming my way =((
2010 I could say NONE, but who would believe me?? Let's not forecast this!

2009 To make 2009 a better year than 2008...succesful?? Uhmm yes!
2010 Take better care of myself!! (less stress and not worry too much)

That's all for now but want to leave you with this brilliant quote:

“When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”
John M. Richardson, Jr.

Now which one would you like to be??

Thank you so much for all your support during 2009! Hope to see you here also during 2010 ;)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May all your wishes and hopes come true....

Linda - Still lost in Switzerland....but let's see what 2010 has in store!

Dec 23, 2009

A very merry Christmas!

Hoo Hooo Hooooo everyone!

It's christmas time and Sweden is certainly showing itself from its best wintery-side!
Sorry for the silence lately.... I've been deliberately occupied with other things, such as spending time with my friends, shopping for christmas-gifts and eating cupcakes - in other words, relaxing and having fun ;)

I just arrived in my home-town an hour ago to spend Christmas with my family.... This christmas is one of the whitest I've seen in years!!! It's been snowing like MAD and I'm enjoying every second of it (with the exception of driving here ;)).

I wish you all a merry and magical Christmas!!
May all your wishes come true...
Linda - Celebrating Christmas in snowy-white Sweden

Dec 13, 2009

Life is like a road....

Maybe you have a diffrent metaphor to describe it that suits you better, but this one has always been the one on my mind....

Sometimes life is uphill (the kind of uphill while on your bicycle), sometimes it is downhill, thrilling and exciting!
Sometimes it takes an unexpected turn while at other times, it all feels like the same old road that you've been driving for years to go to work, school or to soccer-practise...
There is the occasional short-cut or detour! Sometimes you'll find yourself at a cross-road and at times you'll even find a dead-end, but one thing is for certain - there is no such thing as a GPS in life to guide you (just intuition and good advice), but your road will always lead you somewhere so you'd better just move with it ;)

This past week has surely reminded me of this and to paint you the picture, here is my past weeks route:

Beginning of the week was surely uphill! Not only because it starts with going to work on a Monday, but because someone that I thought I knew has deeply disappointed me and shown a side to me that I never even knew existed. How to not feel so utterly disappointed and upset by something like this is a lesson I have yet to learn...

Funny enough, it almost instantly went downhill again in that "happy-eyes-closed-wind-in-your-hair-kind-of-way! A wonderful Christmas-party with work with a 1930's Mafia-scene theme..... (if you happen to know me, you'll know that I LOVE THEME-PARTIES)!
During the evening, I also experienced some unexpected turns of the good kind...

My week took another unexpected turn when I recieved a message from someone I truly
admire - completely unexpected turn in the "too-good-to-be-true-kind-of-way".
Won't mention any details here, but if it is too good to be true or not, only time will tell!!
I have decided to go wherever my road takes me and if it takes me to disappointment - well, so be it ;) I will get over that and learn from it. What I won't do is let fear of disappointment replace my curiosity in life!

Friday was absolutely wonderful and still very much downhill! Spent the evening with two of my friends and I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful and brilliant people in my life... This is a kind of fuel to really keep one going!

Saturday was more like a traffic-jam ;) Went to Zurich for Christmas-shopping and couldn't believe the number of people in such a small space... Found the most brilliant English book-store and will surely become a regular customer! Especially after the Christmas-frenzy has blown over.... I was completely exhausted when I came home and spent the rest of this weekend recovering and relaxing.

In 17 hours I'm going home! Now this is as much down-hill as it gets these days ;)))
I feel so lucky to be spending the next 15 days with my friends and family! Such an instant happiness-trigger!

Hope you are all enjoying your roads.....hope you feel that you are headed in the right direction and if not, just remember that life has a funny way of turning when you least expect it and also remember that YOU and no one else is the driver!

Linda - Off to be a little less lost than usual in Sweden for 15 days ;)

Dec 9, 2009

I have been Schmap'ped!!!

Just have to share this!

Some exciting news were waiting in my Flickr inbox the other day.....

Two of my photos have been chosen by for their upcoming travel-guide editions for "Venice" and "Milan"!!!
They will be published in December!

Linda - The amateur photographer (?!), Lost in Switzerland

In my comfort zone?

Yesterday we had a kind of "event" at work where we (among other things) watched a truly inspiring and motivational video-clip.

This clip was about a man with big dreams, who went blind in his early twenties and realises that he can no longer fulfill his dreams and that this is probably the worst imaginable thing that could have happened to him! Or at least that was what people were telling him.

It took him a looooong time to get out of his state of mind of self-pity and realise he had to stop thinking about his physical boundries and state and just do it the other way around... To start thinking about what he wanted out of life and what his dreams really were and then start thinking of ways to get there! It's about stepping out of your comfort-zone!
It is about opening your mind to new things and let go of fears and insecurities.....

Seriously.... Have a look at what this man has now achieved!

Well, you might say that this kind of thinking is no rocket-science and I agree! Really! ...but how
many of us really function like this in every-day life? Certainly not me!
I think it would do most of us some good if we started to apply this mind-set even if it takes us YEARS to get there...

The funny thing is that right now, right this minute - I am soooo much in my comfort-zone, and I'm loving it!! But here I am talking literally in my comfort-zone. In my sofa, drinking a cup of hot chocolate in my brand new cashmere leggings (highly! ;)), a warm hoodie and cosy-socks, enjoying some peace and quiet...
I think this is OK too and I do need this! Most of my time is spent out of my comfort-zone these days!

I still can't stop wondering I limiting myself? Am I really all I can be?
Are you?? ...and how long will we wait before we go after our dreams? Let's not wait twenty years ;)
Linda - Lost in her comfort-zone (?) in Switzerland

Dec 2, 2009

Linda - Lost in Poland....and an award!

Finally arrived at my hotel-room in Katowice, Poland. The flight here was NOT pleasant! All I can say is T U R B U L E N C E and during 5 awful minutes, I managed to go from "HEEEEEEELP! I am going to diiiieeeeee" to "Oh well.....can't really do much to influence it anyway. If this is it - then this is!"... you can see - that was not IT! I am very much alive, allthough ridiculously tired - just feeling a little Poland.

Now off to be lost in the land of dreams, hopefully without any turbulence ;)
Just stopping by to say hello.... What are you up to this week?

Ooooohhhh!!! Dear Sweet Wonderful Emma from the Swedish blog "Om en tjej" has given me an award! YAY!

I will pass this award on to "Daisy Pink Cupcake", "From Lina" and "Wonderlander".

Linda - Lost in Poland for 2 days