Oct 31, 2010

Missing you is the hardest part....

I miss you more than any words or pictures could ever express!
...but what I really want to say is, that if friends were flowers, I'd pick you...

Without you, I sometimes literally am

Happy Halloween!

Well, no celebration of Halloween this year for me, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring.

This weekend has been so great! Started Friday evening with playing badminton with my college Xiao! We had so much fun and as were quite even, we had a really good hour!! Then went home to have dinner with Chris and we watched one of my all time favourite comedies, "Anchorman" and as always, I laughed 'til I cried! It's actually quite ridiculous, but I LOVE this parody of "a man's world"!

Saturday started as it should, with a loooong BIG breakfast and then a quick decision to go and play tennis. My arm barely functioned from the muscle pain I had already had from the badminton, but it was great fun anyway ;)

For the evening, we were invited for a Cheese fondue in the forest! ....and I must say, this was the best idea ever!! Can't believe we never thought of this! We had a fantastic little spot in a small forest and it was a beautiful and warm evening (14 degrees!!). Not only was this a great, social and fun thing -but the fondue itself even tasted really great with a bit of smoky flavour! The only con of this little adventure: We stank of fire when we came home ;)

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend so far!

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October by Rosie Thomas


Oct 27, 2010

Give-away no 3: Win Kate Havnevik's new album, signed to you!!


To celebrate my last blog post, the interview with one of my all time favourite singer/songwriters Kate Havnevik and to support her Pledge Music quest in releasing her new album while gathering money for Cancer Research UK, I'm giving away a signed copy of her new album to one of the lucky ones who takes the following actions:

1. Become a fan of Kate Havnevik on Facebook
Alternatively, if you don't have Facebook, you can sign up for her mailing list: http://www.reverbnation.com/katehavnevik
2. Write a message for Kate by commenting on the previous post (This is optional. I will forward your greetings to her).
3. Make a wish for the topic of one of my next blog posts!

When you have completed the tasks, please comment with your name and e-mail on this post and I will get back to you once the winner is picked. You have to be ready to prove the completion of the tasks if asked.....

The deadline for entering is November 8th - so please hurry ;)

Ps. I will send the album to the winner once it has been released and the Pledge music campaign is over....

My interview with singer/songwriter Kate Havnevik (known from Greys Anatomy OST's)

This is a very exciting moment in my blogger journey and also the Grand Finale of my series "Hobbies, Interests and Passions".

In my opinion (and many others opinions of course) Kate Havnevik is one of the most talented singer/songwriters of today and it is with great pleasure I press the "Publish" button on this post containing my interview with her.... 

...and please sign her mailing list:

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

- Have you always known you are talented? (and if not, how and when did you know?)
Well I started playing guitar when iwas 13, and I picked it up easily and knew I had a talent for music, but I didn't know if I could sing, I only realised I could sing when I was about 18 or so...

- When you write music, do you start with the lyrics or the melody?
I do it both ways, but I would say melody comes easier to me...

- What inspires you to write? 
People, and traveling... so many different people out there with different lives.

- What has been your biggest struggle so far? 
Putting out my 2nd record has been and is a bit of a struggle but I will get there.....

- What music do you listen to yourself?
All sorts of music, anything from Nina Simone to Radiohead.

- Is there any music you just can not stand to listen to? 
Yes there probably is, but I can't remember what........ I guess I have surpressed the memory of that music.....

- One of my favourite songs is "Nowhere warm" and I've always been curious about what inspired those lyrics (amazing!!)....can you tell me? 
The lyrics are filled with a feeling of longing for someone and not giving up the hope that they will return or that you will be with them again. It's a longing for love.

- What advice would you give someone who would like to make a career in the music industry?
Well there are so many different jobs in the music industry, but if you wanna be an artist then write as much music as possible, get home recording software, learn it and record your songs, go out and play gigs, I think you have to be very proactive these days, don't wait to be discovered or for someone else's approval , discover yourself and make a record..... get it online for people to hear.

- What is your musical ambition and/or aim? 
To keep making music without repeating myself too much..... moving forward......maybe sideways....... but not backwards.....

- Which instruments do you play? 
I mainly play piano, guitar and melodica and I sing of course. Voice is also an instrument.

- Any alternative career paths that ever interested you? 
Psychology, Visual Art ….... working with kids.... love kids.... 

- You have had quite some songs featured on Greys Anatomy (this is how I found your music). How did that happen for you and what impact has it had on your career? 
It had a huge impact on my career, suddenly my music was getting into people's livingroom all over the place....... it opened a lot of doors and I am ever so grateful for that. They way it happened was that my demos was given to someone who place music in TV and film in LA, they then gave it to Alex Patsavas, who is the music supervisor for the series and she really liked the songs, it was luck and timing, and my lyrics fit well with the various theme's in the show. It was fantastic for me.

- How much time do you spend in the studio? 
It's my life and my work to be a musician and composer so I spend a lot of time in the studio and the studio comes with me everywhere I travel...

-Tell us a little bit about how you feel when you create music and what keeps you going.....
I feel different all the time, happy, sad, melancholy, angry, tired, energetic, crazy ! but I think a lot of my music has a certain melancholy feel to it, it is in my personality and nature I guess, but we all have a need for variation, you can't do or feel the same all the time,,,,,.....

- Describe your dream concert and audience?
Hollywood bowl with visual projections, a small string orchestra , brass players and a band, warm weather, people are relaxed and listening but also responsive and involved.....a few humming birds are buzzing around ….... an owl in the distance.........the moon is high.......... a starry sky........... and there will be a magical feeling of a very special night....

In which environment do you feel most inspired? 
Very hard question, I get inspired all kinds of places, the inspiration comes from things I store in my head and different things trigger them...
I probably get more inspired in a big city or on a train than by a sun-set though...... I get inspired by people....

- If you could chose musicians to collaborate with, living or dead, who would they be and why?
I would play in a band with Jimi Hendrix and we would use looping pedals and create a massive wall of sound ! Because he rocks! (rocked)

- If you could have given yourself some advice 10 years ago, what would it have been?
Don't get so hung up in what the industry says, it's a waste of time, they never know what they want anyway, do your own thing and trust yourself.
Make a record and put it out yourself and go out and play it live for people!

- What are you most excited about at the moment?
I am very excited about the release of my new record and also about the Pledge Music campaign I am doing where people can pre-order my new CD and also buy lots of different exclusives...
I make little videoblogs and give everyone who takes part some free downloads etc....
It gives me the opportunity to raise money to release my album myself, I recommend this website to all independent artists out there !!!

- When will you have a concert in Zurich? ;))
I really hope to come to Zurich to play in 2011!!!!! Let's aim for that ! Cross our fingers..... ! 

Kate xxx

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Oct 24, 2010

Living a charmed life......

Have you ever felt like you are living a charmed life? 

Like you always come out of it head up, feet down.... Like luck is your faithful companion and that little magic has a tendency to surround you? May seem silly to you, but this is how I feel!

I've had quite some rough patches in my life and sometimes they have been so rough that I felt there was absolutely no way out or up, no light, just darkness........and yet, here I am, stronger than ever, living in the present, feeling ridiculously happy and looking at the future with nothing but great hopes! 

Ok, I've had some luck in my life too - for sure that's true, but I honestly think you make your own luck! It's a mindset! It's about the way a positive mind & mood attracts positive things. 

It's paying attention to what is really around you. The small things that make life beautiful..... It's about finding the joy you can not find in your own life at the moment in the lives of your near and dear ones and to never stop believing you deserve to be happy and not feeling too discouraged on days when you're not, knowing this is not a curse but a temporary set back, designed to make you who you are supposed to be. 

It's about filling your life with wonder and with moments that take your breath away! It's about being conscience of your present, living in each moment knowing where you are and who you are. It's about taking the time to watch the rainbow, wondering where it starts and where it ends! It's about loving the way raindrops look on a fallen leaf on a damp, foggy morning. It's about closing your eyes as you take a bite to enjoy the divine taste of a cupcake and the smell of freshly cut grass, or about the close to silent sound of falling snowflakes and enjoying the way the moon illuminates them, capturing one on your tongue just to feel the contrast of cold on hot while it rapidly melts....

You can not fake it! ....but you can practice it, with patience, and when you can smile at the world with joy, the world will smile back at you.

Everyone can live a charmed life... A charmed life is not a perfect life! You could say a charmed life is a life of appreciation. Not saying it is always easy, but it is a choice...... Make it ;))


Oct 15, 2010

Owed to Fall and Winter season

It is not so easy for everyone to reconcile with the fact that fall is here, with winter hiding just around the corner.

I am Swedish and I believe that this feeling is even more deeply embedded in many peoples minds over there as the darkness of this season has already started to fall upon them..... Now we can hate this season or we can love it, we can also choose to be indifferent to it depending on our individual preferences - but what we can not do is avoid it. 

Personally, I've grown to love it and hence, this post is dedicated to the reasons why ;))
I love this season because...

 the colours change from different shades of green to multi-coloured natural art that I never get bored of watching.....
 it gives me a reason to use my rainbow coloured umbrella
 the air finally gets crisp and fully breathable...so energizing....as if finally I get the oxygen my body has been craving all through summer!
♥ of Hot chocolate!! What else is there to say about it?! BLISS!!
♥ you can snuggle up under a blanket TV while watching your favourite TV series, without a guilty conscience
♥ I can finally use my new Hunter wellies and jump in water puddles without having wet feet!
♥ of foundues and raclettes!!! Mmmmhhhmmmm....
♥ booking trips to warmer destinations become a priority and I love having something like this to look forward to!
♥ of movie marathons and cinema visits (including the popcorn....naturally ;))!
 taking long, hot baths using a new, lush bath bomb with candles all around is a natural hide-away when the cold gets overwhelming
♥ it's pumpkin season with all that it means!! Pumpkin soups, Jack-O-Lanterns and decorations
♥ everything somehow slows down.....especially the free time agenda.
♥ going to the gym is much more motivating when it's cold outside!
♥ you can watch the stars for a much longer time every day....
♥ of getting to wear cosy, fluffy warm slippers and socks at home!
♥ of all the new, amazing shopping opportunities! The stores are FULL of goodies!
♥ I love the way a foggy breath looks in the morning
♥ the first frost is always sooooo magical, not to mention the first, slow, big-flaked snowfall!
♥ I will have to buy indoor soccer shoes for the first time in y e a r s!!
♥ it makes me dream about Christmas and spending time with loved ones....
of Glögg and Gluehwein!!
of Tea parties (including cupcakes....of course...)!!!
of candles and tea lights everywhere!!!

What do you love about this time of year??
Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Oct 6, 2010

Movie recommendation - The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos)

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)
El Secreto de Sus Ojos

As I have completely missed all the Oscar frenzy this year, I came across this film by coincidence while surfing for new DVD releases on Flixster.com.....and it was one of the finest film finds I have ever made there.

IMDB summary: A retired legal counselor writes a novel hoping to find closure for one of his past unresolved homicide cases and for his unreciprocated love with his superior - both of which still haunt him decades later.

This Argentinian drama, which won the Oscar for best foreign film, has an amazing blend of drama, mystery and romance and the way this story unravels is nothing less than brilliant.  
It keeps you on your toes in guessing the outcome and still leaves you stunned at the end.

What also really fascinates me is how it manages to display so much warmth and humour in its dialogues while the tragedy always lurks in the background. 
Great acting and a big WOW for the love story!

A movie that makes you think and most importantly, FEEL. 

Watch the trailer:

....or read more about it here:

Enjoy and please do let me know your thoughts!


Oct 4, 2010

The weekend in photos

Chineese Hot-pot evening

Sunday morning pancake breakfast

Up in the air ;)

It was such an amazing weekend........

Oct 3, 2010

What a mess.....

This picture to the left very much describes my past couple of weeks and hence the silence lately.
....but now I'm BACK, I hope ;)

Currently, I'm
Happy about: The weather here! It's 20 degrees and sunny.... Ooooh and my new Hunter wellies that arrived on Friday! They are fabulous!
Disappointed about: Having to spend so many evenings working lately and also having to ask other people in the team to do the same..... I have not been a happy camper lately!
Curious about: What kind of surprise is in store for me this afternoon! Chris just told me I have to be ready at 13:15 and that his sister is joining, but I have no idea for what......and all my attempts at getting some clues have failed.

Thinking about: The absolutely divine Moules Mariniere I had in Brussels this week. Mmmmm.....
Listening to:  Priscilla Ahn's "Dream" and Brett Dennens "Ain't gonna loose you".
Hoping: For a little bit of rain soon so I can take my new wellies out for a walk ;)), that I will have some time to write some quality stuff here this coming week and am also still hoping that some friends or family members will come for a visit soon.... GUYS - I MISS YOU!!!
Laughing about: "How I met your mother" episodes! I love that show!!
Looking forward to:  Going out and enjoying this amazingly beautiful fall weather! I have to take some photos and show you the amazing colours that are emerging here.....breathtaking!!
Feeling: Really really drained on energy, but thankfully I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Travelling to: Rotterdam on Thursday and Friday this coming week.... Paris the week after.
Sad about: My boss who retired last week! Will really miss him. Also sad about saying "Auf Wiedersehen" to another great friend and college this week who will move back to Sweden with his lovely family. Things will change around here, that's for sure..... I hope there will also be some positive changes here to restore the balance.
Proud of: Myself! Since April, I'm really frequently going to the gym (2-4 times per week)  and playing soccer and I feel sooooo much better because of it. ....and most importantly, I really enjoy it!
Wishing: That the weekend could be extended by a few days! Who's with me??
Wanting: To find the YELLOW Pear pendant watch from Marc Jacobs!! It seems to be impossible =(( Please please please: If you have ANY idea where to find it, or if you are in possession of one and are willing to sell it, do let me know?

...and some Q&A from my Formspring "Anonymous question box":
Q: If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?
A: Evil

Q: Who's the most talented person you know?
A: Can not give one single name!! I don't think I know anyone who is talentless ;))

Q: What's the secret to happiness?
A: A glass-half full perspective and a smile on your face!! I do believe that happiness is a state of mind... Empathy also helps as you will feel genuinely happy when people around you are happy and successful ;))

Now off to make pancakes for breakfast =)) Hope you've all had lovely weekends!