Oct 15, 2010

Owed to Fall and Winter season

It is not so easy for everyone to reconcile with the fact that fall is here, with winter hiding just around the corner.

I am Swedish and I believe that this feeling is even more deeply embedded in many peoples minds over there as the darkness of this season has already started to fall upon them..... Now we can hate this season or we can love it, we can also choose to be indifferent to it depending on our individual preferences - but what we can not do is avoid it. 

Personally, I've grown to love it and hence, this post is dedicated to the reasons why ;))
I love this season because...

 the colours change from different shades of green to multi-coloured natural art that I never get bored of watching.....
 it gives me a reason to use my rainbow coloured umbrella
 the air finally gets crisp and fully breathable...so energizing....as if finally I get the oxygen my body has been craving all through summer!
♥ of Hot chocolate!! What else is there to say about it?! BLISS!!
♥ you can snuggle up under a blanket TV while watching your favourite TV series, without a guilty conscience
♥ I can finally use my new Hunter wellies and jump in water puddles without having wet feet!
♥ of foundues and raclettes!!! Mmmmhhhmmmm....
♥ booking trips to warmer destinations become a priority and I love having something like this to look forward to!
♥ of movie marathons and cinema visits (including the popcorn....naturally ;))!
 taking long, hot baths using a new, lush bath bomb with candles all around is a natural hide-away when the cold gets overwhelming
♥ it's pumpkin season with all that it means!! Pumpkin soups, Jack-O-Lanterns and decorations
♥ everything somehow slows down.....especially the free time agenda.
♥ going to the gym is much more motivating when it's cold outside!
♥ you can watch the stars for a much longer time every day....
♥ of getting to wear cosy, fluffy warm slippers and socks at home!
♥ of all the new, amazing shopping opportunities! The stores are FULL of goodies!
♥ I love the way a foggy breath looks in the morning
♥ the first frost is always sooooo magical, not to mention the first, slow, big-flaked snowfall!
♥ I will have to buy indoor soccer shoes for the first time in y e a r s!!
♥ it makes me dream about Christmas and spending time with loved ones....
of Glögg and Gluehwein!!
of Tea parties (including cupcakes....of course...)!!!
of candles and tea lights everywhere!!!

What do you love about this time of year??
Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!


  1. Dont realy agreed with all those things, as you now my pain problems seems to become bigger and more painful at this time of the year..but then there are some beautiful colours just around the corner...and that makes it almost even..but somehov i have never had any plans to leave it for some visit in varmer climats..i hate to travel as you know...big hug Paps..

  2. All of the above, love love love autumn and winter! Kram!!

  3. Oh dad! I know......but you can at least choose to see the good sides! It's a license to stay indoors, being lazy and having movie marathons!! ;)

    Emma: =))))) KRAM!


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