Jun 29, 2011

Midsummer days and nights in Sweden

We just returned to Switzerland after an amazing week in Sweden, where we have celebrated Midsummer with my family, gone for a fishing trip with my dad and spent time with some of my very best friends. Besides the weather being somewhat unreliable (as usual in mid/end of June), it was just perfect!! Just too short..... 

As it is very difficult to just write about these experiences, I will share the best memories captured in photos that we have taken during our stay. To be able to show more than just a few photos, I have prepared a slideshow! It's a bit long....but......Enjoy ;)

Jun 20, 2011


If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I have a new mountain bike. You will also know that I've been complaining that I need a pair of cool looking bike glasses and that this seems to be a mission impossible! .....and then I found these:

Voilaaaaa! Not sure how they will fit under the helmet though, but looking this awesome, it could be worth re-designing the helmet just to fit them in....no?

Jun 19, 2011

The weekends...

....dinner at greatest Ellen and Fred's


Harry Potter & The deathly hallows part 1. 3.5/5. FINALLY!!!

3/5. Beautiful and tragic...probably even better for those who read the book.
...happening in Schaffhausen
Tour de Suisse!


...bike tour

...nail color
Raspberry fields
...train ride

Jun 14, 2011

Calling all fellow Coconut lovers!!!

Heaven on a stick!
If you are fortunate enough to live in a country which has this in it's assortment (I envy you!!) or if you happen to travel to one of these places - DO NO MISS THIS AMAZING ICE CREAM!!! With only 95Kcal, it tastes like pure, divine h e a v e n for those, like myself, who simply adore the taste of coconut. 

Dear Solero,
If you hear this desperate cry: Please can you come to Switzerland?? I would buy you aaaaall the time..... I swear (Trust me - I'm a shop-o-holic!)! You make my mouth water by the pure thought of you.


That joyous feeling........

....when the doorbell rings and Fedex is there, with a big package just for you....from Philisophy (who in my opinion holds a black belt in body care products!) Oh Happy Day!!!

Jun 13, 2011


Currently, I'm
Happy about: My "new" bike!! You see, since the ligament in my foot is not yet healed, I can not play soccer. I used to combine playing soccer with going to the gym and now in summer, only going to the gym is not an option (I would go MAD just doing indoor sports!) and hence, I bought a Mountain bike a few weeks ago, determined to give this sport a try and I must say, I'm really enjoying it! Yesterday, we went on a 3,5 hour bike tour up the Randen to Hagenturm, then down to Merishausen, on to the Meterwägli and then back down again to Schaffhausen. Great stuff!!! ....just one minor injury on my left leg as I was a bit underestimating how steep some areas were and this is just my 5th time on the bike, so I fell once in an attempt to follow Chris down a very steep trail =))
The route is something like this >> Click (but with some detours that I couldn't find on the map). 
Wondering: Why all sports goggles and glasses have to be so ugly and un-cool? Is there a reason I'm not aware of? Then please enlighten me ;) The ones I have found so far make me look either like Bono or like a fly.
Disappointed about: Not being able to ride down that steep trail down to Merishausen........ I know...not a realisitc target.......and patience is needed, but it would have made me so happy had I managed.
Thinking about: What a great, long weekend we've had!! We have watched no less than 4 really good movies (!!):
The Way Back (my rating: 4/5): An amazing real life story!!
Fair Game (my rating: 3.5/5): Another true story. Really good, but less action that I had hoped ;)
Another year (my rating: 4/5): Slow, tragic but oh so beautiful!
True Grit (my rating: 4/5): Fantastic film in true Coen brother spirit!!

On Saturday, we had friends over for dinner which was really lovely!! I cooked a 3-course meal and I'm quite happy with the result.
Starter: Grilled Pears with Chevre Chaud on a bed of Salad, Kiwi's and Cherries, topped with Honey and Walnuts.
Main Course: Grilled Scallops & Pineapple "Asian style" served with Glass Noodles.
Dessert: Raspberry, White Chocolate & Ricotta Pizza topped with Fresh Basil, served with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Sunday was an amazing day as well, starting with a really lovely brunch with the Hafner family (-1 person). After this, we were quite full and were a bit lazy for a while. Then we took the bikes and went for the ride described above.

Today it is Whitsun Monday and a public holiday here in Switzerland and this day is deliberately without any plans or pressure.....but I will probably either go to the gym as the weather appears a bit unstable or risk it and take my bike for another ride.
Listening to: Eastmountainsouth - Rain come down.
Worrying about: A bit about the upcoming move to Rolle. Would be strange if I didn't though ;)
Hoping: That my package from Philosophy arrives tomorrow like they promised!! Some really nice stuff in that order ;)
Looking forward to: Going home to Sweden with Chris 21-28th of June to celebrate Midsommar and spend time with family and friends!!! Yippiieeee!
Feeling: Pretty darn great!!
Inspired by: Maddie!! So young and already started her own magazine, Missfits (actually named by yours truly ;)), with her friend, Courtney. So creative and so talented. Get a copy of the latest issue here and sponsor these talented girls: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/204960
Thankful for: The rain coming down today! For two reasons.... Nature needs it desperately and so did I! A license to be lazy ;)
Wishing: That all weekends were so long and so great!!

Wishing you all a lovely week and thanks for reading!!


Jun 11, 2011

As of lately....

In the past week, I've managed to have a marvellous brunch on the balcony.....a fantastic business trip to Rome.....and an awesome evening in Zurich with friends....

Jun 4, 2011

There is so much more than what meets the eye....

Sometimes, I wish that people would just wake up......really snap out it, this bubble that we are in. Our world is deteriorating in so many ways, yet when I want to read the news, most articles in modern newspapers are about who has recently made silicon implants or had Botox over their lunch break, who looked the best in the latest media event, who has tipped over the edge with their drug addictions or who, shockingly (?!), had cellulite on their thighs. Am I the only one who is watching all this happening, jaw-dropped, wondering what's wrong with the world?! ....or are we really getting so numb that this is all we care about? Is this because we simply can't take anymore? Are we truly getting so superficial and unintellectual that we no longer care about what's hidden beneath the surface of what we see? 

I want to be inspired! I want to read about how we could change the world for the better and if I have to read about gossip, why can't we let it be about something that stimulates peoples minds, such as who achieved something amazing for the sake of charity or about how brilliantly someone played their role in a film instead of having to read about the chest size of the man in the leading role? What happened to our appreciation of art? Have we lost all hope in our future? Is this why we let this all happen and just go with it? Or am I truly, really the only one feeling this way?

Only questions in my mind....no answers...