Mar 31, 2011

Ode to Facebook

Dear Facebook,
Since you entered my living abroad routine,
your recent updates page is for me a vital medicine.
With just a few easy clicks away,
I can see what happens in my hometown every day.
...and by typing some words into a box in there,
I can instantly make my whole family aware
of all the things happening to me in this far away land
as they are not around to get this first hand.

Oh Facebook, I'm also in love with some of your app's
with the exception of Farmville and Mafia wars perhaps?
The Fortunecookies are maybe not real
but I love them for how their positive messages make me feel.
The fan pages are also a great invention
and I try to use mine with positive intention.
...and I have another interview coming! Oh yay - I can't wait!!!

To the people who say they get annoyed with my frequent status update
I'm not convinced that it is really that they hate.
Well this can be easily fixed in the settings if you don't want to see
....but I have the feeling that hate is for me.
If this is true, then that's a shame,
but opinion is free so I won't place blame.
Truth is, Facebook is not meant as a static information tool
and I'm using it according to it's purpose and rule.
Friends like to see what other friends do!
Let's be honest, you like it too ;))

Facebook, you can be quite addictive sometimes
....and it appearantly also makes me write silly rhymes (!).
But isn't this still an addiction quite nice?
Putting things in perspective, some people take drugs - I'm addicted to socialize?!
Facebook takes some time, that is true.
So what's the difference between me and you?
You have your friends, just around the corner or down the street.
I envy you, because this is the only place my friends and I can meet.
So please stop critizising and give me a break,
living away from home gives enough heartache...

...and now, to conclude this silly Facebook rhyme,
I would like to thank you all for taking the time
for putting yourself in the shoes of others...
For instance, people who miss someone, like peoples brothers or mothers.
Facebook, I'm so grateful for messages, wall-posts and notifications!
Thanks to you, I can keep in touch with family and friends from all the worlds nations ♥


Mar 27, 2011

Don't forget.....

We all live our separate lives, some of us with a higher pace than others and it is so easy to forget how lucky we really are.....

Outside our doors, when we find enough energy or time for it, we will find a billion lives and a world so beautiful that it has the power to make us smile, to re-energize us, heal broken hearts or souls, bring back memories of childhoods, make us think more clearly, to calm us down and to touch most of our senses if we just let it. It is called Nature and these days, especially in the light of what is happening in Japan, it is an imperative reminder of how incredibly lucky some of us truly are.....and that unfortunately,  this is something we can no longer take for granted.

Yesterday, we had the most incredible walk in the forest where it was so evident that spring has finally arrived. We were welcomed by bird twitter, smell of freshly cut wood, the visuals of spring flowers emerging through the left-over dry leaves from last fall, blooming in multi-colour. We climbed a tree, enjoyed the view from up there, breathed the amazingly crisp air, watched birds dive for fishes in a little lake, observed the nesting swans, saw some toads mating (unintentionally), played around in the green grass, took a huge amount of photos and watched the sky transform itself from a lightly clouded, light blue shade into a more threatening dark grey just before it finally opened up and let the rain fall down, softly, on the top of our heads.....

Life is so incredibly beautiful! .....and the majority is in the little things. We just need to take the time to lace those shoes, open our doors and go outside and enjoy it.

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Mar 24, 2011


Emma, from the Swedish blog "Om en tjej" has challenged me with this "quiz"!
Hereby consider the challenge accepted ;))

1) What did you do 10 years ago?
I was having a ball, living together with two friends in a suburb of Stockholm. We were very close and also worked at the same place. I was also working extra as a bartender, which was a lot of fun!! ...and obviously, I also trained the drink-making at home ;)) The only thing I really was sure of at this stage was that I wanted to have fun! Whatever that meant.....

2) What did you do one year ago?
Funny question as we just talked about it =)) I was in Amsterdam on a business trip and flew directly from there on to Paris to meet up Chris for a, what was an absolutely amazing and unforgettable, weekend!!

3) Five snacks that you like?
4) Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to?

5) Five things you would do if you were a millionaire?
  • Buy a house by the sea in Sweden
  • Buy another house in the mountains in Switzerland ;)
  • Start my own business
  • Travel around the world with Chris
  • Spoil my friends and family

6) Five bad habits?
  • Eating a lot of lactose all though I'm lactose intolerant....hehe!
  • Poking and destroying my cuticles when I'm nervous or angry
  • Snoozing 3-10 times every morning.
  • Eating too much cheese, bread and chocolate.....
  • Thinking that everyone is genuinely I guess being naive?
7) Five things you like to do?
  • Spend time with Chris, family and friends
  • Blog
  • Play soccer
  • Sing
  • Try to make a difference.

8) Five things you would never dress in or buy?
9) Five favorite toys?
  • MacBook Air
  • Blackberry
  • Microphone/Recording device
  • Football
  • PS2
10) Five people I'd like to see taking this quiz?


Mar 22, 2011

(short) Greetings from Katowice, Poland!

Cześć Everyone!!
Just dropping in to say Hello from my 3 day business trip to Poland.

So what have I been up to besides working? Besides a lovely dinner with colleges yesterday, the answer is: Not much. Traveling alone is not always the most uplifting experience in the world and hence, I created myself some company for breakfast this morning not to feel too lonely..... As you can imagine, we had a very fruitful discussion ;))

....unfortunately Mr Fruit could not join me for the rest of the day, but no worries as, as you can see, I found myself another companion, also quite fruitful ;))
...and now, a movie in life could definitely be worse ;))

Will be back in Switzerland again tomorrow evening....until next time - Dbać o siebie!


Mar 19, 2011

Saturdays Veggie Thai Curry

Saturday! What can I say? Clearly the best day of the week....especially when it's a Saturday with no major plans like this one ;) 
Hence, after a long breakfast with a huge, lovely, Swedish cinnamon coffee and a freshly, home baked Butterzopf, we went for a shopping walk around the town of Schaffhausen and ended our shopping tour at a little Thai grocery store very close to where we live..... 2 hours of this lovely afternoon was then spent in the gym and in the evening I've been cooking with the ingredients bought at the Thai store........and here's the result and the reipe (as requested by Jordan ;)): 

Easy Vegetarian Thai Curry
3 Potatoes
1 Zucchini
6 Champignons
2 dl's of Green peas
2-3 cloves of Fresh garlic
1.5 tablespoons of Fresh ginger
1 can of Coconut milk
1.5-2dl's Panaeng Thai Curry Paste
2 tablespoons of Fish sauce
2 tablespoons of Soy sauce
tablespoon of Oyster sauce
Dried Chili flakes
Fresh Coriander
Olive oil

Heat the olive oil in the pan. Add the finely chopped ginger and the sliced garlic and let it sizzle. Add the chopped potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms and let it fry for around 3-4 minutes while keeping the heat on high. Stir frequently to avoid getting burned surfaces on the veggies. Add  the thai curry paste and coconut milk and let it heat up until it's boiling. Reduce the temperature and add the green peas, the soy, fish and oyster sauces and the chili flakes (of your prefered amount, of course depending on how hot you like it ;)).
Let it all simmer for around 5-10 minutes depending on how cooked you want the veggies to be. Personally, I prefer them "Al dente" ;).
Serve with rice of your preference.
(I like it best served with Basmati rice that has been briefly sizzled in Indian butter (Ghee) before adding water and being boiled and then topped off with loads and loads of fresh Coriander.....) 
Bon Appetite!!

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far!! Now time to watch "The kids are all right"!!! Have been looking sooooo forward to seeing it =)))

Saturday, Daaaahling!! You are divine, extraordinary and dashing and I love you!!


PS. Apologies for the poor quality image of the food! It's taken with my Blackberry.....

Mar 13, 2011

Musical Inspiration

There are few things that inspire me as much as really good musical talent! With that said, please allow me to share my latest finds in that area..... I literally can not stop listening to these!!


Lucy Rose

A Fine Frenzy

Sooooooooo much raw and real talent!!!
Enjoy ;)

The Saturday Menu

Starter: Butter Seared Scallops with Chili Sprinkled Sweet Potato Puree

Main course: Saffron-flavoured Seafood Symphony

Dessert: Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake topped with Roasted Almonds

If anyone's interested in the recipes, give me a shout and I shall test my memory ;)

Mar 12, 2011

Anyone who has ever lived....

....has also sometimes gotten hurt. We all have our wounds. Some of us carry them with us visibly, physically or by behaviours and some of us have ours deeper inside, hidden and sometimes also forgotten or suppressed. They are emotional wounds. Wounds that take a lot of time to heal as you need not only to fully rebuild the trust that was once lost in others, but even more importantly, the trust lost in oneself. We ask ourselves too many questions! So many that instead if finding the answer by just looking deep inside ourselves, we waste time asking the question "Why?", which is probably one of the few questions you will never find the answer to, and looking at or into the lives of others, deceiving ourselves, thinking that "if I only have what he/she has - I'd be happy!". Nothing could be more wrong.

Everyone is unique, meaning what works for someone else, most likely doesn't work the same for you, and everyone carries their own happiness inside. I used to believe that if I could only find the "right one", I'd be happy. Thankfully, I have learned that it doesn't work this way....a very painful lesson, but one of the most important ones I have ever learned and hence, I'd like to share it with you. It is not fair to make someone else responsible for your happiness. Imagine the pressure of being someones life support system? ....and what happens if it is unplugged? You will be back to square one. You have to be able to make yourself happy and to be independent. I urge you to do yourself a favour by stopping to look to the outside world for happiness and start trusting yourself as the main provider.... When you manage to do this, you will see that it is much easier not only to love yourself, but to be able to really love someone else and to be loved.

"Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens." Carl Jung.


I want!!

I just stumbled on this little interior treasure and I know it's not a need....but I WANT IT!!

You can find this clock here:


Mar 11, 2011

Just one of those days....

Alarm clock started ringing at 06:40, but I didn't wake up until 07:30 (don't ask me how I managed to sleep through the ringing alarm ;)). Stressed as hell, I jump into the shower to realize there is no hot water. 5 minutes later, I'm freezing my butt off and am not in a very good mood. Go to get dressed and then to the kitchen where I hit my elbow in the door (you know that part that feels like electricity?).

Now finally having some coffee, which ought to improve the situation ;)

My forecast is that this day can only get better!! TGIF!!!

I wish you all a great Friday!

Mar 8, 2011

Sweden vs Switzerland: Part 3 - The Mountains and the Sea

If I was looking at designing a new country (don't worry, I have not lost my marbles and I know that's not an actual job....anyways....), I would use equal parts of the Swiss and the Swedish nature to perfect it. 

Sweden has the Sea and Switzerland has the Mountains,  both countries have them in excess and I couldn't imagine a better combination to feel great with my surroundings. Don't get me wrong!! I also love palm-treed-beaches,  rain forests etc,  but I prefer to go there for holidays! I don't need that in my everyday life......but I have such a weak spot for the Sea and I have grown incredibly fond of the Mountains here. I will allow the below pictures to speak for themselves...

Oh well.....they say you can't have it all....I'm not so sure that is true ;)

Sweden vs Switzerland 1-1
If these countries could only be combined........