Mar 27, 2011

Don't forget.....

We all live our separate lives, some of us with a higher pace than others and it is so easy to forget how lucky we really are.....

Outside our doors, when we find enough energy or time for it, we will find a billion lives and a world so beautiful that it has the power to make us smile, to re-energize us, heal broken hearts or souls, bring back memories of childhoods, make us think more clearly, to calm us down and to touch most of our senses if we just let it. It is called Nature and these days, especially in the light of what is happening in Japan, it is an imperative reminder of how incredibly lucky some of us truly are.....and that unfortunately,  this is something we can no longer take for granted.

Yesterday, we had the most incredible walk in the forest where it was so evident that spring has finally arrived. We were welcomed by bird twitter, smell of freshly cut wood, the visuals of spring flowers emerging through the left-over dry leaves from last fall, blooming in multi-colour. We climbed a tree, enjoyed the view from up there, breathed the amazingly crisp air, watched birds dive for fishes in a little lake, observed the nesting swans, saw some toads mating (unintentionally), played around in the green grass, took a huge amount of photos and watched the sky transform itself from a lightly clouded, light blue shade into a more threatening dark grey just before it finally opened up and let the rain fall down, softly, on the top of our heads.....

Life is so incredibly beautiful! .....and the majority is in the little things. We just need to take the time to lace those shoes, open our doors and go outside and enjoy it.


  1. Underbart!! Och vilka vackra foton!!

  2. wow!
    Your grass is already green!
    As you know here in Sweden.. we will have to wait for that until.. i dont know.. may/june??!! ;)
    Looks like you had the most wonderful time!

  3. Emma: Tusen tack =))) xox

    Lady G: We did, thanks!! Yeah....the grass gets almost instantly green here when the snow goes away. Lovely!! <3 xox


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