Mar 31, 2011

Ode to Facebook

Dear Facebook,
Since you entered my living abroad routine,
your recent updates page is for me a vital medicine.
With just a few easy clicks away,
I can see what happens in my hometown every day.
...and by typing some words into a box in there,
I can instantly make my whole family aware
of all the things happening to me in this far away land
as they are not around to get this first hand.

Oh Facebook, I'm also in love with some of your app's
with the exception of Farmville and Mafia wars perhaps?
The Fortunecookies are maybe not real
but I love them for how their positive messages make me feel.
The fan pages are also a great invention
and I try to use mine with positive intention.
...and I have another interview coming! Oh yay - I can't wait!!!

To the people who say they get annoyed with my frequent status update
I'm not convinced that it is really that they hate.
Well this can be easily fixed in the settings if you don't want to see
....but I have the feeling that hate is for me.
If this is true, then that's a shame,
but opinion is free so I won't place blame.
Truth is, Facebook is not meant as a static information tool
and I'm using it according to it's purpose and rule.
Friends like to see what other friends do!
Let's be honest, you like it too ;))

Facebook, you can be quite addictive sometimes
....and it appearantly also makes me write silly rhymes (!).
But isn't this still an addiction quite nice?
Putting things in perspective, some people take drugs - I'm addicted to socialize?!
Facebook takes some time, that is true.
So what's the difference between me and you?
You have your friends, just around the corner or down the street.
I envy you, because this is the only place my friends and I can meet.
So please stop critizising and give me a break,
living away from home gives enough heartache...

...and now, to conclude this silly Facebook rhyme,
I would like to thank you all for taking the time
for putting yourself in the shoes of others...
For instance, people who miss someone, like peoples brothers or mothers.
Facebook, I'm so grateful for messages, wall-posts and notifications!
Thanks to you, I can keep in touch with family and friends from all the worlds nations ♥



  1. This made me laugh out loud =-) Thanks to you for that.

  2. You are a very clever girl!!


  3. Lydia: Haha! Thanks ;)

    Anonymous: Who says? ;)



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