Mar 8, 2011

Sweden vs Switzerland: Part 3 - The Mountains and the Sea

If I was looking at designing a new country (don't worry, I have not lost my marbles and I know that's not an actual job....anyways....), I would use equal parts of the Swiss and the Swedish nature to perfect it. 

Sweden has the Sea and Switzerland has the Mountains,  both countries have them in excess and I couldn't imagine a better combination to feel great with my surroundings. Don't get me wrong!! I also love palm-treed-beaches,  rain forests etc,  but I prefer to go there for holidays! I don't need that in my everyday life......but I have such a weak spot for the Sea and I have grown incredibly fond of the Mountains here. I will allow the below pictures to speak for themselves...

Oh well.....they say you can't have it all....I'm not so sure that is true ;)

Sweden vs Switzerland 1-1
If these countries could only be combined........


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