Mar 22, 2011

(short) Greetings from Katowice, Poland!

Cześć Everyone!!
Just dropping in to say Hello from my 3 day business trip to Poland.

So what have I been up to besides working? Besides a lovely dinner with colleges yesterday, the answer is: Not much. Traveling alone is not always the most uplifting experience in the world and hence, I created myself some company for breakfast this morning not to feel too lonely..... As you can imagine, we had a very fruitful discussion ;))

....unfortunately Mr Fruit could not join me for the rest of the day, but no worries as, as you can see, I found myself another companion, also quite fruitful ;))
...and now, a movie in life could definitely be worse ;))

Will be back in Switzerland again tomorrow evening....until next time - Dbać o siebie!



  1. I would have been assuming you could take Mr Fruit with you but he might have been a little bit withered =-))

  2. Haha, underbart, och vinet får mig att längta långt framåt i tiden! Jag har utmanat dig. Kram!


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