Mar 27, 2011

Learn French in Switzerland while enjoying the beauty of this picturesque country

Be it a holiday tour or a business trip, acquaintance with French can open doors to bountiful prospects as it is spoken in excess of 60 countries by more than 76 million people around the globe. Aside from France and former colonial holdings of France such as French Guiana, Chad, Benin, Cambodia, Haiti and the Central African Republic, French is widely spoken in Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec. Consequently, a speaker of French enjoys easier travel across Europe, Africa and several other parts of world.

Learn French in Switzerland with language specialist ESL which offers affordable first-rate French language courses throughout the world, with Switzerland no exception.

Language school ESL Montreux, which is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, offers truly idyllic conditions for those who desire to learn French in Switzerland. Situated in one of the most iconic locations in French-speaking Switzerland, the school offers a number of French courses including Standard course, Intensive course, Super-intensive course and one-to-one classes for those who want quick grasp on the language. You can select the course and module according to your special needs. School’s world-class quality infrastructure includes 10 bright & spacious classrooms, a computer room with free Internet access, a resource centre and a cafeteria.

ESL also offers French summer camps in Switzerland. Course center “Le Classic” is situated in the core of the gorgeous tourist resort of Leysin. It has 16 well-equipped classrooms along with 2 state-of-the-art restaurants, a cinema hall, a relaxation room and a free Internet café to allow students learn while making fun. Teenagers (13-17 years) can choose from a range of available French courses according to their needs.

ESL summer camps in Switzerland also cater to language needs of juniors (8-14 years). ESL junior course center in Leysin organizes French classes in spacious & comfy classrooms. For entertainment & relaxation, students can avail facilities like 2 restaurants, indoor swimming pool, gym and several games & relaxation areas.

ESL Montreux-Riviera is a modern French course center for teenagers. Located in close proximity to the train station and the lakeside promenades, it is one of the most acclaimed summer camps in Switzerland. It is equipped with learning facilities like bright & spacious classrooms, a computer room, free Internet, as well as recreational areas such as a gymnasium, a cafeteria where students can relax and meet other students after classes. Students also get an opportunity to feast their eyes and enjoy the Jazz Festival, sports galore, an ancient castle, a water park, beach and barbecues beside the lake. All that attractions make ESL Montreux-Riviera one of the most favorable destinations for a vacation courses for juniors and teens.

Special attention is given to the progress of each and every participant. Our well-qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers are always ready to crack any problem faced by learners. “Pocket Money” service, which lets students to withdraw and deposit money at any time of the day, is also available. At the completion of the course, a certificate attesting the specific course taken and the level achieved is presented to the participant.


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