Sep 18, 2010

Oh Saturday - I love you!!!

Don't you just love Saturdays?? I really do and especially the ones when you know you only have good plans.... Soon off to the gym, but thought it's about time I give a little update! So here goes..... 

Currently, I'm
Happy about: Almost everything!! Isn't it amazing how life sometimes turns around when you least expect it?
Disappointed about: Not finding marshmallow fluff in the stores here.....but what did I expect? Really? 
Thinking about:  ...entering a Cupcake contest, but let's see.
Listening to:  Kate Havneviks "Nowhere warm" & Ingrid Michaelson's "Parachute" on repeat! Oh, and if anyone is wondering, Parachute is really Ingrid Michaelson's song - not Cheryl Coles ;))
Hoping: That I can find time in my agenda to book some weekends in Sweden soon!
Laughing about: Our crayfish party last weekend, that became a shrimp party as IKEA food shop were out of stock of crayfish. 
Regretting: That I suggested we'd play "The ring of fire" during that shrimp party ;)
Looking forward to:  Dinner tonight with Chris's dad and sister. Just hope the food will turn out like we planned... Also really looking forward to a lazy Sunday without plans! 
Feeling: Ridiculously happy and powerful in the sense that I know who I am and what I have achieved so far and I feel that I can really stand for it....
Inspired by: Emma, who just passed her exam! Also by Xiao and Theresa at work and their tenacious studying habits! I should really get on with it!!
Proud of: The sushi I made yesterday.... It's only my second time and it turned out really yummy! I made Nigiri with shrimps and avocado and rolls with tuna/chili-mayo and salmon/avocado. Amazingly yummy and actually quite easy to make. The only thing I regret is not having a sharper knife ;))
Wishing: That more people in the world would be happy and could manage to sometimes celebrate their successes instead of only thinking about what they did not achieve.... Life simply doesn't always turn out the way you planned but that's also the charm of it all! I truly believe that happiness is a mindset!
Wanting: ...these babies: to come and live with me - ASAP! 

Since I've had such a great flow of questions to my Formspring "Anonymous question box", I thought that from now on, until the questions run out, I will also share 3 of those Q&A's with you in each of my post. Here I go:

Q: If you could go back in time 10 years and tell your younger self something, what would it be?
A: Two things:
1. 10 years from now, you'll be ridiculously happy!

Q: What message would you want to put in a fortune cookie?
A: Love yourself, you will never be anyone else.

Q: Did you donate to the charity mentioned in you latest blog post??
A: Yes.....twice actually and that is probably not the last time.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!!

Sep 13, 2010

You matter in this world.....

Dear sweet wonderful readers,

Some days, I feel so full of emotions.....and today is one of those days. I've been thinking so much about about peoples different perceptions of themselves and others and how easily we can misunderstand each other and as easily be misunderstood ourselves.

You watch someone from a distance and make a judgement from what you know, which is so often barely scraping the surface, and yet we all know that sometimes, we smile, trying to keep our heads high, while feeling miserable on the inside.....

Have you ever been given an unexpected compliment? Maybe from someone you didn't even think liked you? Or the less nice situation, received criticism or a nasty comment that makes you feel sad, angry or even worthless? Then you also know how incredibly easy it is to make or break someone's day, week, month or even for years to come!! Isn't it time we started using one of our most powerful weapons, our words, in the best possible way??

I hereby challenge you all to make at least 7 people happy this week, by simply using your words and of course, without lying ;) Tell a good friend how much they mean to you! Tell a college that his/her hair looks nice! Maybe someone on the bus you don't even know is wearing a really nice jacket, tell her/him that it looks really pretty and ask where it's from! Tell your parents how much you appreciate everything they've done for you? ....or how about telling someone he/she did a great job?

Leaving you with this James Matthew Barrie quote that I really love:

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves!"

Try it! Make a difference and feel better by doing so.........oh, and please share the love you've spread by commenting on this post!! Let's spread the sunshine ;))

Sep 8, 2010

A weekend hiking in Crans Montana

Hope you are all having a great week so far and that you have enjoyed summer so much that the realization of fall's arrival is not overwhelming you in a negative way.
Personally I'm loving the fresher air at the moment and am actually quite looking forward to seeing the falling, colorful leaves on the ground, eating fresh pumpkin soup for dinner with a cup of hot chocolate for dessert and dressing myself in cosy, knitted sweaters.....

This past weekend, we went to the "French part" of Switzerland for the first time for hiking. In the region of Valais and to be more precise, in Crans Montana. It was such an amazing route and I would happily recommend it to anyone - UNLESS you have a phobia of heights!!
I am very scared of heights and managed.....but just about ;) We hiked on the "Bisse du Ro" to (and around) Lake Tseuzier and parts of the hike were very very steap and on wooden planks with only ropes as railing.
Quite an adrenaline rush if you have the same level of fear as me, a little exciting for people who have a normal take on heights - but for someone with a phobia this would, I think, be completely out of the question.....

The hike took about 7.5 hrs, but that includes a lunch picnic and many many MANY stops for pictures! This was an absolute must for someone as "trigger happy" as myself with the camera and for someone not used to these simply stunning sceneries! I simply couldn't control myself.....
It was the perfect Swiss-route as you got it all!! The breathtaking views of the mountains, green hills a'la Sound of Music, waterfalls, cows (including the sound of cow-bells) and it all ended up at a gorgeous turqoise alp lake by a restaurant that offers cheese foundue ;)

I was quite warmed up after this hike, so I also decided to go for a short swim in this gorgeous little alp lake.................hmmm......let's just say it was a VERY short swim as it turned out the water was below 10 degrees! Refreshing would be quite the understatement.

A weekend like this is such an amazing way to wind down and take your mind off work related stress or just have the perfect excercise so close to nature! I still feel amazingly happy that we did this and I really can't wait to go back!!!

If you have the chance to hike this route, GO! Especially if the weather is sunny..... I sincerely doubt you'll regret it!


Sep 3, 2010

Do a good deed (yes, this is a re-run ;))

...and help people in the world who are less fortunate than you and me! People who would never be able to have this luxury of what for us is simply surfing the web, or any other surfing for that matter....people who are struggling every day to get CLEAN DRINKING WATER while we are all wondering what kind of "artificialized water" to choose in our near-by convenient store....

My favourite singer, the ever so-inspiring Jewel, founded the non-profit organisation
Project clean water, in 1997.
Read more on her web-site and most inportantly DONATE!
You don't have to be rich to give-a-little! Maybe just skip your Starbucks coffe for a couple of days, have a week free of sweets (this will do your own body good aswell ;)) or maybe skip those beers or glasses of wine you had planned tonight and give a little love to the world instead?
There will be more opportunities for all those more trivial things I'm sure ;)

Donations can be made online here
or by sending it here:

Project Clean Water
c/o Boulevard Management
21731 Ventura Blvd. #300
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Thanks for listening! I hope you'll enjoy to give a little.... I did for sure!
I know I can't save the world on my own - but I can surely help and so can you ;)


- horrified by the thought of not having clean drinking water and dedicated to give more than just a drop......