Sep 8, 2010

A weekend hiking in Crans Montana

Hope you are all having a great week so far and that you have enjoyed summer so much that the realization of fall's arrival is not overwhelming you in a negative way.
Personally I'm loving the fresher air at the moment and am actually quite looking forward to seeing the falling, colorful leaves on the ground, eating fresh pumpkin soup for dinner with a cup of hot chocolate for dessert and dressing myself in cosy, knitted sweaters.....

This past weekend, we went to the "French part" of Switzerland for the first time for hiking. In the region of Valais and to be more precise, in Crans Montana. It was such an amazing route and I would happily recommend it to anyone - UNLESS you have a phobia of heights!!
I am very scared of heights and managed.....but just about ;) We hiked on the "Bisse du Ro" to (and around) Lake Tseuzier and parts of the hike were very very steap and on wooden planks with only ropes as railing.
Quite an adrenaline rush if you have the same level of fear as me, a little exciting for people who have a normal take on heights - but for someone with a phobia this would, I think, be completely out of the question.....

The hike took about 7.5 hrs, but that includes a lunch picnic and many many MANY stops for pictures! This was an absolute must for someone as "trigger happy" as myself with the camera and for someone not used to these simply stunning sceneries! I simply couldn't control myself.....
It was the perfect Swiss-route as you got it all!! The breathtaking views of the mountains, green hills a'la Sound of Music, waterfalls, cows (including the sound of cow-bells) and it all ended up at a gorgeous turqoise alp lake by a restaurant that offers cheese foundue ;)

I was quite warmed up after this hike, so I also decided to go for a short swim in this gorgeous little alp lake.................hmmm......let's just say it was a VERY short swim as it turned out the water was below 10 degrees! Refreshing would be quite the understatement.

A weekend like this is such an amazing way to wind down and take your mind off work related stress or just have the perfect excercise so close to nature! I still feel amazingly happy that we did this and I really can't wait to go back!!!

If you have the chance to hike this route, GO! Especially if the weather is sunny..... I sincerely doubt you'll regret it!



  1. It really looks beautiful Linda! Brave to walk on that path. I think I would not.

  2. Fy fasiken vad läskigt, grymt av dig att klara det! Ser fantastiskt ut :) Kram!

  3. beautiful! i like hiking, but i think i would be with the people who wouldn't go on this one because of the heights. i think i would die! haha. but that's pretty cool that you did even though you were a bit scared of heights. awesome!

  4. Lydia: It really was!!! ...and thank you! It was an adrenalin kick for me as I was really scared ;)

    Katja: Ja eller hur? Det var superlaskigt! Men aaaaahhh sa harligt nar man klarat det =) Kram!

    Lina: Thanks so much =)) It was an amazing feeling and the sceneries are just stunning.... I wanna go back NOW! =)



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