Sep 13, 2010

You matter in this world.....

Dear sweet wonderful readers,

Some days, I feel so full of emotions.....and today is one of those days. I've been thinking so much about about peoples different perceptions of themselves and others and how easily we can misunderstand each other and as easily be misunderstood ourselves.

You watch someone from a distance and make a judgement from what you know, which is so often barely scraping the surface, and yet we all know that sometimes, we smile, trying to keep our heads high, while feeling miserable on the inside.....

Have you ever been given an unexpected compliment? Maybe from someone you didn't even think liked you? Or the less nice situation, received criticism or a nasty comment that makes you feel sad, angry or even worthless? Then you also know how incredibly easy it is to make or break someone's day, week, month or even for years to come!! Isn't it time we started using one of our most powerful weapons, our words, in the best possible way??

I hereby challenge you all to make at least 7 people happy this week, by simply using your words and of course, without lying ;) Tell a good friend how much they mean to you! Tell a college that his/her hair looks nice! Maybe someone on the bus you don't even know is wearing a really nice jacket, tell her/him that it looks really pretty and ask where it's from! Tell your parents how much you appreciate everything they've done for you? ....or how about telling someone he/she did a great job?

Leaving you with this James Matthew Barrie quote that I really love:

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves!"

Try it! Make a difference and feel better by doing so.........oh, and please share the love you've spread by commenting on this post!! Let's spread the sunshine ;))


  1. Great idea! Will take the challenge =-))

  2. So funny you'd write this piece yesterday as I had the best day in a while! It was thanks to all my friends, family and collegues who made it so beautiful just by letting me know I am good, loved and valued... I will take on the callenge and make someones day as good as mine turned out yesterday. I'll start with yourself right here ;o) You are an amazingingly beautiful, and awesome friend! Have a great day,
    Miss you loads!

  3. Jag börjar med dig: du är underbar! :) Kram!!

  4. Lydia: Happy to hear that =))

    Ary: Haha! That is actually really funny!!
    Wow I'm tearing up!! ...those are incredible words and right back at ya!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

    Emma: Aaawwww!! Det ar du ocksa!! Tusen tack =))

    xox to you all!!


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