Sep 28, 2012

Home, sweet (but far from finished) home.... Part 3

So, almost done with the downstairs area....just the guest room, guest room toilet and hallway (well...the entrance) left.
This is the guest room. What you will see in the whole house is that the walls are white and unlike the typical Swedish house walls, all the walls I have had around me so far in Switzerland have been made of plaster, which is very it's not like you just throw up a nice wall paper and let the room be transformed by it. Also, painting these walls is not really an option as we'd have to restore it back to this when we once leave.
Here, the only change planned are to add some colorful pillows to break it off a bit....I was thinking turquoise...what do you think?
Favorite detail: Something that you can't see in the photo above is this antique lamp standing in the corner..... I love this lamp! It was also bought in an antique shop just when I arrived in Switzerland, now more than 4 years ago.
Quite a small hallway/entrance as you can see...which is a potential problem once the baby arrives ;)) Luckily, there is also a little wardrobe (here to the right) where we can hang jackets and put our shoes. Very few things here. A printout on the wall that I just love and here you can also see one of my favorite details, the carpet. I love this style and dream about once having a big house in New England style with many details such as this one.......
...this is what's written inside that frame.
The next detail that I love here are these cute little key hangers, bought in Sweden at
Not so much to say's a toilet ;)) ...what I can say is that the colors look better in reality than in this photo!
Ha ha haaa!
...but in here, you will find one of my favorite things though - Scented candles from La Duree! They are amazing and I have them all over the flat! They burn for a loooong time and smell absolutely divine. This is one of my favorites with violet scent.This specific candle was bought at Charles de Gaulle airport, but I also bumped into
a store in Lausanne and an online shop...
That concludes the downstairs area.....


Sep 27, 2012

Home, sweet (but far from finished) home.... Part 2

Allrighty!! So continuing on what I started, sharing some iPhone shots of our home....still working my way through the downstairs area, now showing the kitchen and dining area.
Small, but we like it.....but since cooking and baking are favorite hobbies, we do dream of a MUCH bigger kitchen!
"Dining room" (well, it belongs to and connects the kitchen and living room....)
The table "El Mundo" (from Interio) and these lamps (from HK Living) are certainly favorites!
.....I have a thing for jars and boxes such as the ones on this shelf. We also keep parts of our wine in the kitchen for convenience ;)) you might be able to imagine, being 9 months preggers, I have not enjoyed any of these for a looooong time! Soon........
Our mobile bar.....also from Interio (Interio is like the Swiss version of the Swedish Mio ;))

Favorite detail 1: There are no words for how much I LOVE our coffee machine!! This is the model "Dream" from Ascaso in "Kid Blue".
Detail 2: A chef's best friend's - Cooking Knives from Global! Best kitchen investment ever..... We just started to collect them a few months ago and they are by far the best knives I've ever tried.

Favorite detail 3: Talking about best friends in the kitchen.... We both love, adore and highly utilize this great kitchen  machine called "Kenwood chef" that I believe Chris got as a gift from his parents (big kisses to them for this!!!)!! We use it mainly for baking, but there are a million parts and accessories that can be added to use if for all kinds of cooking as well.
Again, all is work in progress........ Comments? Improvement suggestions?


Home, sweet (but far from finished) home.... Part 1

I feel a liiiiittle bit bad as I think it was now a year ago that I promised to post some photos from our, at the time new, home on the blog....oops. What can I say, time flies? Well today I was in the mood to fix our home, so I used the opportunity to take some photos at the same time. I will find it easier to find details while shopping if I carry some photos with me. I apologize as the photos do not have the best quality - they're all from my iPhone. I'd also like to add that our home is still very much in the "making" and also, since it's a rental flat, we can not even do half of the things we would have done if it was OUR home.

Our flat has two floors and here, I'm sharing photos of the living room in the downstairs area.

Living seen from the sofa ;)) Not wanting to actually hang pictures on the wall when we can avoid it as the flat is brand new and not ours.....we're avoiding making unnecessary holes.
....and from the opposite direction. This coffee table is to be replaced ASAP ;)) Am also not sure I was so clever when I did a canvas print of one of my photos in sepia.....regret it a bit and want it in B&W. What do you think?
Favorite detail 1: This magazine basket made of old tires! Love it!
Bought in a little interior shop in Schaffhausen called Girasole. 
Favorite detail 2: The posters, also from Girasole in Schaffhausen.
3: The little it! Can't remember where I bought it though....
4: These little candle holders made of Birch tree. Bought at Interio last year.
Favorite detail 5: This little second hand lamp. I found it in an antique shop in Schaffhausen and then Chris bought it for me as a surprise. Looooove it!
That's it for the living room..... Certainly work in progress and a lot whiter and more "naked" that I'd prefer it to be. We want a new coffee table, a new sofa AND a new carpet, so changes to come soon.


Sep 21, 2012

What's to come....

As I sit here, trying to glare into the horizon that is my future, I realize it is very hard to imagine what it will truly be like.....being a mom I mean. Something that I have so far only been able to vaguely picture is about to become a reality in my life. I am thrilled and impatient. I feel like I have butterflies in my belly and can't wait for all of this to enter the next stage....the Parenthood stage. 

I feel that we are about to embark upon the most important journey of our be responsible for another human being. I don't just mean keeping him/her alive, safe and comfortable......but more to teach him/her good values and empathy, to help build his/her self confidence, independence and ability to make choices and decisions in life without being too influenced by help him/her build character.....a know when to step in and when to step back......all of this objectively sorting out and using what are your good and healthy sides while ensuring your less good sides are not transferred. 

I have so many wishes and good intentions for this little life that is about to be born. We don't even know each other yet, but I am already head-over-heels in the point that when I feel him/her move, I can barely breathe out of the longing to hold him/her for the first time.

So here I home......waiting......the hospital bag is packed, the nursery is as ready as it can be, we've done our research, bought way more than the recommended necessities, the birth preparation course is done, I'm getting my rest, practicing relaxation techniques, I'm eating, drinking and moving as recommended.....and yet, there is no way to really prepare for what's to come.... I only know that I will love this little life unconditionally and hope that this love will guide me in my new role as a MOM.

Counting down days..........


Sep 20, 2012

Photo blog: Our Italian wedding weekend

A weekend in Italy.....maybe the last "adventure" together as just a couple, before becoming parents. So amazing and so exhausting all at once. Exhausting, but oh so worth it!
We left on Friday evening and came home on Sunday evening and I've been spending my time ever since recovering. I knew this would be a challenge for me right now, physically speaking, but I wanted so desperately to see my friends getting married and to feel "normal" (meaning: not just like a pregnant blue whale), if only for a couple of days.

The wedding was stunningly beautiful and the bride and groom were absolutely radiant and sooo full of happiness! This was our first Italian wedding and we both agree, it's very different from both the Swiss and Swedish style weddings..... In a way, less organized and formal, but in a very relaxed yet very elegant manor and with a major focus on FOOD (amazing food I might add!). We didn't understand many words during the ceremony, so we just went with it......with the flow I mean....and during dinner, we were kindly placed at an English speaking table. All though we parked the car just outside so I could go and lay down in between, I didn't last as long as I would have wanted to.....I think we had to say our thank you and goodbye's at around 22:30, but at least my back didn't break down until we were back at our little Bed and Breakfast ;))

Some photos to share a bit of the atmosphere with you.... I was incredibly trigger happy with my camera this day as there was so much beauty around and happy moments to capture, am however just sharing a few since I only had the opportunity to ask the bride and groom for permission to post pictures of them. Am not comfortable with posting photos without asking the people in them if they are ok with it. At least not ones in where you clearly see their faces.
Me before the ceremony starts.... Pregnant at end of week 35.
Fail: Yes, I know I talked about curls, but my pregnancy brain forgot that the curling iron has a Swiss plug and I didn't have a converter with me ;)
Chris, in his new suit...
At the home of the bride's parents before the wedding started. So gorgeous! 
On the way to a photo session with the official photographer......and we tagged a long to take some unofficial ones =p

The beautiful church of Bernate Ticino - Chiesa di san Giorgio
Arriving at the church

Proud father, walking his beloved daughter down the isle....

Decoration outside the church
Congratulations with rice and rose petals

Chiesa di san Giorgio at sunset
The location of the dinner party
Details ;))
The buffet of starters was AMAZING!!! Let me add to this picture that there were lots of other things, but this is my veggie plate ;))
The cake, which was accompanied by an abundance of desserts.
I don't think anyone felt hungry or disappoited after this incredible dinner ;)) We are still talking about it!
On the way home, we had a stop in the charming village of Aosta to, take a brake from the car ride, seep in some Italian mountain atmosphere and to buy some wines and cheeses. A very good decision!
The beautiful Aosta village
Gelato - A given when it Italy ;))

We loved this little shop called "La Bottegattccia" and made all our food shopping in there...

3 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of olive oil, 2 goat cheeses, 1 salami and some pasta is what we came home with....


Pajama-times! know for sure it's fall when time has come to update your pajama wardrobe ;))
These are the ones I will be cosy'ing around in at home this fall/winter, both from Victoria's Secret. Order waiting eagerly for the delivery!
"The dreamer flannel pajama"
"The cotton mayfair pajama"
....and for me, pajama-times also mean looooads and loads of HOT CHOCOLATES and I consider myself very lucky for finding this 2kg big pack of one of my favorite hot chocolate's from Lindt at the outlet here in Aubonne

So Fall - bring it ON! I am ready ;p