Sep 13, 2012

Photo blog: Falls arrival

There is something so immensely beautiful about fall.....especially in Switzerland. It's as if the whole country becomes magical. It's the harvest season, the season of sweaters and hot chocolates....the season of crisp, clean air and multitudes of color and I love it! LOVE it.

Everything starts to smell different....probably from the dampness in the ground coming from the rain that nature so desperately needed. 


Everywhere along the country roads are little unmanned stands where the local, freshly picked, fruits  and vegetables are yours for just a few Swiss francs and there is something incredibly charming about the fact that this system works. You take what you want and drop some coins in a box. This is the wine season and all the little local vineyards start opening their doors during the weekends for tastings.

What do you love about fall?


  1. I'm not a fall lover! SUmmer all the way, but these pictures do make me want some fall. Woow really great post!

  2. Fantastiska bilder! Jag älskar också hösten! Den höga klara luften, de underbara färgerna, dofterna, skördetiden, tom. höstregnen (särskilt om man slipper gå ut... ;). Jag älskar också att man kan klä på sig igen! Sockor och koftor, det är så mysigt! :)


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