Sep 27, 2012

Home, sweet (but far from finished) home.... Part 1

I feel a liiiiittle bit bad as I think it was now a year ago that I promised to post some photos from our, at the time new, home on the blog....oops. What can I say, time flies? Well today I was in the mood to fix our home, so I used the opportunity to take some photos at the same time. I will find it easier to find details while shopping if I carry some photos with me. I apologize as the photos do not have the best quality - they're all from my iPhone. I'd also like to add that our home is still very much in the "making" and also, since it's a rental flat, we can not even do half of the things we would have done if it was OUR home.

Our flat has two floors and here, I'm sharing photos of the living room in the downstairs area.

Living seen from the sofa ;)) Not wanting to actually hang pictures on the wall when we can avoid it as the flat is brand new and not ours.....we're avoiding making unnecessary holes.
....and from the opposite direction. This coffee table is to be replaced ASAP ;)) Am also not sure I was so clever when I did a canvas print of one of my photos in sepia.....regret it a bit and want it in B&W. What do you think?
Favorite detail 1: This magazine basket made of old tires! Love it!
Bought in a little interior shop in Schaffhausen called Girasole. 
Favorite detail 2: The posters, also from Girasole in Schaffhausen.
3: The little it! Can't remember where I bought it though....
4: These little candle holders made of Birch tree. Bought at Interio last year.
Favorite detail 5: This little second hand lamp. I found it in an antique shop in Schaffhausen and then Chris bought it for me as a surprise. Looooove it!
That's it for the living room..... Certainly work in progress and a lot whiter and more "naked" that I'd prefer it to be. We want a new coffee table, a new sofa AND a new carpet, so changes to come soon.



  1. Was just wondering how you're doing :) Looks nice! I am droooling over your magazine basket!! Re the canvas print, I always go for b&w too and think if i'm being a bit boring.. but it feels easier :) Maybe some more pillows or a carpet in the same colours with the photo (which is beautiful btw) would change your mind?

    1. Thanks, I'm good but getting VERY impatient ;)) How about you??
      Oh yes....that magazine basket is fab! Didn't see it last time I was in that shop so it might have sold out....otherwise let me know and I can have a look for you the next time I go to Schaffhausen.
      B&W is certainly can match it with basically anything! I just remember that when I ordered this, this photo specifically looked much more detailed in sepia. Great idea with the pillows and carpet. As we want to replace the table and carpet anyway, that could potentially be an easier way to make things match!

  2. Impatient describes extremely well the feeling.. can only imagine how it'll be in couple of weeks at the point where you're now!! Bon courage! :D Oh and yes please, if you ever happen to see that basket in the store it'd be so nice if you can get one for me.. I love it! :)Fab if the pillows / carpet did the trick!!

  3. Hahaha thanks =))) I saw the anesthetist this morning, which gave me some more confidence! Gosh!!! I am getting a bit nervous by all this wating.... Good luck to you too! I will be keeping my eyes open for updates!

    Will have a look for the basket next time I go to Schaffhausen and will let you know if I manage to find it.


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