Sep 27, 2012

Home, sweet (but far from finished) home.... Part 2

Allrighty!! So continuing on what I started, sharing some iPhone shots of our home....still working my way through the downstairs area, now showing the kitchen and dining area.
Small, but we like it.....but since cooking and baking are favorite hobbies, we do dream of a MUCH bigger kitchen!
"Dining room" (well, it belongs to and connects the kitchen and living room....)
The table "El Mundo" (from Interio) and these lamps (from HK Living) are certainly favorites!
.....I have a thing for jars and boxes such as the ones on this shelf. We also keep parts of our wine in the kitchen for convenience ;)) you might be able to imagine, being 9 months preggers, I have not enjoyed any of these for a looooong time! Soon........
Our mobile bar.....also from Interio (Interio is like the Swiss version of the Swedish Mio ;))

Favorite detail 1: There are no words for how much I LOVE our coffee machine!! This is the model "Dream" from Ascaso in "Kid Blue".
Detail 2: A chef's best friend's - Cooking Knives from Global! Best kitchen investment ever..... We just started to collect them a few months ago and they are by far the best knives I've ever tried.

Favorite detail 3: Talking about best friends in the kitchen.... We both love, adore and highly utilize this great kitchen  machine called "Kenwood chef" that I believe Chris got as a gift from his parents (big kisses to them for this!!!)!! We use it mainly for baking, but there are a million parts and accessories that can be added to use if for all kinds of cooking as well.
Again, all is work in progress........ Comments? Improvement suggestions?



  1. jag äääälskar dina lampor ovanför bordet som jag oxå älskar och kaffemaskinen .. och alla boxar.. ja du fattar :)

    1. =))) Ja visst ar dom underbara? De dar lamporna kommer att hanga med oss lange tror jag.....timeless!! Samma med kaffemaskinen och burkar lar jag fortsatt samla pa mig. har bara sa jaklans daligt med plats! Vill ocksa ha 218kvm och en lite mer FAST punkt (las ett HUS) i livet =p


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