Sep 12, 2012

Wedding outfit...for a Barbamama?

Heels....absolutely out of the question for me in middle of pregnancy week 35 and on Saturday, we are attending a wedding in Milan. Lucky for me, they have a little boutique here in Rolle, called "A ma fille" that sell amazing shoes from Melissa Campana. A brand I know from my friend Aryan whose comfy, but glam looking shoes, attracted my attention since quite a while ;)) The slogan for the ones I picked: "For those who love bows and lace,  but don’t want to sacrifice comfort". Says it all, no? ....and I tell you this slogan ain't no lie! So pretty and like walking around barefoot or in a pair of MUCH less glam looking, old, comfy slippers.... Not entirely sure what they're made of, but a kind of rubbery/jelly kind of material. 
Cute, no?

I'll be wearing these with my favorite Betsey Johnson dress (...and yes, Chris has a matching tie ;)). Am so happy I can still fit in it with this huge Barbamama-belly of mine.....but as you can see, I have to practice on my posture a bit as it looks like I'm about to fall backwards ;)))

Now I just need to decide on accessories and hairstyle (I'm thinking curls-something!) and I'm good to go! It will be an absolutely exhausting weekend, I'm sure, especially the traveling there and back (as flying is no longer an option), but this will be my first Italian wedding and I'm soooo excited that we are able to be there when my friend is getting married.... Considering my hormone levels at the moment, I forecast the need to wear waterproof mascara!



  1. Tycker inte du ser stor ut alls, bara fab! :) Hoppas ni får en underbar dag/kväll på bröllopet!

  2. Haha, barbamama.. :D you'll look gorgeous!

  3. Replies
    1. Betsey Johnson... Du skulle va här nu, allt säljs ut till typ 80% rea. Sjukt fina saker!

  4. Kanske även säljs ut online kom jag på! Unna dig för god sake... Finns ingen bättre motivation att bli av med magen efteråt som att ha nya fina kläder!

    1. Aaaah love Betsey!! Tyvarr sa ligger hennes webshop nere for jag haller med om att en ny garderob skulle vara en bra motivation =p


    kanske för att allt är utsålt redan...


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