Sep 20, 2012

Pajama-times! know for sure it's fall when time has come to update your pajama wardrobe ;))
These are the ones I will be cosy'ing around in at home this fall/winter, both from Victoria's Secret. Order waiting eagerly for the delivery!
"The dreamer flannel pajama"
"The cotton mayfair pajama"
....and for me, pajama-times also mean looooads and loads of HOT CHOCOLATES and I consider myself very lucky for finding this 2kg big pack of one of my favorite hot chocolate's from Lindt at the outlet here in Aubonne

So Fall - bring it ON! I am ready ;p



  1. Ha, never thought about pajamas from Victoria's! They look really good, thanx.

  2. Happy to help ;)) I actually love VS the most for their cosy clothes assortment....

  3. Ah this is great! I'm in Lausanne and I just "updated" my pyjama wardrobe as well (shorts have now transformed into long pants) :) love your blog- I recognize so much of what you talk about even if I only moved here a few weeks ago!

    1. Hi Therese, Why thank you!! You just made my day ;))
      I've been in this region for a year now and absolutely LOVE it here! Lausanne is a very charming little city.....and it has a Starbucks, which is a big plus =p
      Will check out your blog! Hope to see you here again...


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