Sep 28, 2012

Home, sweet (but far from finished) home.... Part 3

So, almost done with the downstairs area....just the guest room, guest room toilet and hallway (well...the entrance) left.
This is the guest room. What you will see in the whole house is that the walls are white and unlike the typical Swedish house walls, all the walls I have had around me so far in Switzerland have been made of plaster, which is very it's not like you just throw up a nice wall paper and let the room be transformed by it. Also, painting these walls is not really an option as we'd have to restore it back to this when we once leave.
Here, the only change planned are to add some colorful pillows to break it off a bit....I was thinking turquoise...what do you think?
Favorite detail: Something that you can't see in the photo above is this antique lamp standing in the corner..... I love this lamp! It was also bought in an antique shop just when I arrived in Switzerland, now more than 4 years ago.
Quite a small hallway/entrance as you can see...which is a potential problem once the baby arrives ;)) Luckily, there is also a little wardrobe (here to the right) where we can hang jackets and put our shoes. Very few things here. A printout on the wall that I just love and here you can also see one of my favorite details, the carpet. I love this style and dream about once having a big house in New England style with many details such as this one.......
...this is what's written inside that frame.
The next detail that I love here are these cute little key hangers, bought in Sweden at
Not so much to say's a toilet ;)) ...what I can say is that the colors look better in reality than in this photo!
Ha ha haaa!
...but in here, you will find one of my favorite things though - Scented candles from La Duree! They are amazing and I have them all over the flat! They burn for a loooong time and smell absolutely divine. This is one of my favorites with violet scent.This specific candle was bought at Charles de Gaulle airport, but I also bumped into
a store in Lausanne and an online shop...
That concludes the downstairs area.....



I read and treasure all your comments..... Thank you for taking the time! x