Mar 19, 2011

Saturdays Veggie Thai Curry

Saturday! What can I say? Clearly the best day of the week....especially when it's a Saturday with no major plans like this one ;) 
Hence, after a long breakfast with a huge, lovely, Swedish cinnamon coffee and a freshly, home baked Butterzopf, we went for a shopping walk around the town of Schaffhausen and ended our shopping tour at a little Thai grocery store very close to where we live..... 2 hours of this lovely afternoon was then spent in the gym and in the evening I've been cooking with the ingredients bought at the Thai store........and here's the result and the reipe (as requested by Jordan ;)): 

Easy Vegetarian Thai Curry
3 Potatoes
1 Zucchini
6 Champignons
2 dl's of Green peas
2-3 cloves of Fresh garlic
1.5 tablespoons of Fresh ginger
1 can of Coconut milk
1.5-2dl's Panaeng Thai Curry Paste
2 tablespoons of Fish sauce
2 tablespoons of Soy sauce
tablespoon of Oyster sauce
Dried Chili flakes
Fresh Coriander
Olive oil

Heat the olive oil in the pan. Add the finely chopped ginger and the sliced garlic and let it sizzle. Add the chopped potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms and let it fry for around 3-4 minutes while keeping the heat on high. Stir frequently to avoid getting burned surfaces on the veggies. Add  the thai curry paste and coconut milk and let it heat up until it's boiling. Reduce the temperature and add the green peas, the soy, fish and oyster sauces and the chili flakes (of your prefered amount, of course depending on how hot you like it ;)).
Let it all simmer for around 5-10 minutes depending on how cooked you want the veggies to be. Personally, I prefer them "Al dente" ;).
Serve with rice of your preference.
(I like it best served with Basmati rice that has been briefly sizzled in Indian butter (Ghee) before adding water and being boiled and then topped off with loads and loads of fresh Coriander.....) 
Bon Appetite!!

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far!! Now time to watch "The kids are all right"!!! Have been looking sooooo forward to seeing it =)))

Saturday, Daaaahling!! You are divine, extraordinary and dashing and I love you!!


PS. Apologies for the poor quality image of the food! It's taken with my Blackberry.....

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