Oct 3, 2010

What a mess.....

This picture to the left very much describes my past couple of weeks and hence the silence lately.
....but now I'm BACK, I hope ;)

Currently, I'm
Happy about: The weather here! It's 20 degrees and sunny.... Ooooh and my new Hunter wellies that arrived on Friday! They are fabulous!
Disappointed about: Having to spend so many evenings working lately and also having to ask other people in the team to do the same..... I have not been a happy camper lately!
Curious about: What kind of surprise is in store for me this afternoon! Chris just told me I have to be ready at 13:15 and that his sister is joining, but I have no idea for what......and all my attempts at getting some clues have failed.

Thinking about: The absolutely divine Moules Mariniere I had in Brussels this week. Mmmmm.....
Listening to:  Priscilla Ahn's "Dream" and Brett Dennens "Ain't gonna loose you".
Hoping: For a little bit of rain soon so I can take my new wellies out for a walk ;)), that I will have some time to write some quality stuff here this coming week and am also still hoping that some friends or family members will come for a visit soon.... GUYS - I MISS YOU!!!
Laughing about: "How I met your mother" episodes! I love that show!!
Looking forward to:  Going out and enjoying this amazingly beautiful fall weather! I have to take some photos and show you the amazing colours that are emerging here.....breathtaking!!
Feeling: Really really drained on energy, but thankfully I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Travelling to: Rotterdam on Thursday and Friday this coming week.... Paris the week after.
Sad about: My boss who retired last week! Will really miss him. Also sad about saying "Auf Wiedersehen" to another great friend and college this week who will move back to Sweden with his lovely family. Things will change around here, that's for sure..... I hope there will also be some positive changes here to restore the balance.
Proud of: Myself! Since April, I'm really frequently going to the gym (2-4 times per week)  and playing soccer and I feel sooooo much better because of it. ....and most importantly, I really enjoy it!
Wishing: That the weekend could be extended by a few days! Who's with me??
Wanting: To find the YELLOW Pear pendant watch from Marc Jacobs!! It seems to be impossible =(( Please please please: If you have ANY idea where to find it, or if you are in possession of one and are willing to sell it, do let me know?

...and some Q&A from my Formspring "Anonymous question box":
Q: If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?
A: Evil

Q: Who's the most talented person you know?
A: Can not give one single name!! I don't think I know anyone who is talentless ;))

Q: What's the secret to happiness?
A: A glass-half full perspective and a smile on your face!! I do believe that happiness is a state of mind... Empathy also helps as you will feel genuinely happy when people around you are happy and successful ;))

Now off to make pancakes for breakfast =)) Hope you've all had lovely weekends!

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