Oct 27, 2010

Give-away no 3: Win Kate Havnevik's new album, signed to you!!


To celebrate my last blog post, the interview with one of my all time favourite singer/songwriters Kate Havnevik and to support her Pledge Music quest in releasing her new album while gathering money for Cancer Research UK, I'm giving away a signed copy of her new album to one of the lucky ones who takes the following actions:

1. Become a fan of Kate Havnevik on Facebook
Alternatively, if you don't have Facebook, you can sign up for her mailing list: http://www.reverbnation.com/katehavnevik
2. Write a message for Kate by commenting on the previous post (This is optional. I will forward your greetings to her).
3. Make a wish for the topic of one of my next blog posts!

When you have completed the tasks, please comment with your name and e-mail on this post and I will get back to you once the winner is picked. You have to be ready to prove the completion of the tasks if asked.....

The deadline for entering is November 8th - so please hurry ;)

Ps. I will send the album to the winner once it has been released and the Pledge music campaign is over....


  1. Hej lägg till dig hos iCornr och visa din blogg på iPhone :) http://www.icornr.com/sv/

  2. Done and by request I could send you a screenshot =-)

    Request for next blog topic would be a photo blog of you at work and to know more about a day there.
    Iris S
    Ps. I will send you my e-mail if I win

  3. Here comes a wish for a new blogpost:

    "Five things I've accomplished in life that I'm very proud of"

    Check out my blog, I'm trying to support you and Kate ;)

    I think you already have my name and contact details ;)

  4. Here is my wish for one of the next blogpost:

    About the small things which make life magic.

    I think you know where to find me ...... :-D

  5. Terve...:-) I havent any clue of who she is, but she has a realy lovely voice..That´s all folks.. And for youre next blogpost: Any amazing fishing trip you have done in the past...or something realy great that has change youre life path..
    Hugs paps

  6. Linda what I would like to see/hear for your next post is your song.. You are very talented and therefore should also follow the advice of your Idol.

    Take care.
    Theresa Raess

  7. Have just been reading backwards through your blog (just discovered it today) - and ran into this post about Kate Havnevik - never heard of her before.

    Wow... have been listening to her for the last few minutes on YouTube.

    Love your blog!


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