Oct 24, 2010

Living a charmed life......

Have you ever felt like you are living a charmed life? 

Like you always come out of it head up, feet down.... Like luck is your faithful companion and that little magic has a tendency to surround you? May seem silly to you, but this is how I feel!

I've had quite some rough patches in my life and sometimes they have been so rough that I felt there was absolutely no way out or up, no light, just darkness........and yet, here I am, stronger than ever, living in the present, feeling ridiculously happy and looking at the future with nothing but great hopes! 

Ok, I've had some luck in my life too - for sure that's true, but I honestly think you make your own luck! It's a mindset! It's about the way a positive mind & mood attracts positive things. 

It's paying attention to what is really around you. The small things that make life beautiful..... It's about finding the joy you can not find in your own life at the moment in the lives of your near and dear ones and to never stop believing you deserve to be happy and not feeling too discouraged on days when you're not, knowing this is not a curse but a temporary set back, designed to make you who you are supposed to be. 

It's about filling your life with wonder and with moments that take your breath away! It's about being conscience of your present, living in each moment knowing where you are and who you are. It's about taking the time to watch the rainbow, wondering where it starts and where it ends! It's about loving the way raindrops look on a fallen leaf on a damp, foggy morning. It's about closing your eyes as you take a bite to enjoy the divine taste of a cupcake and the smell of freshly cut grass, or about the close to silent sound of falling snowflakes and enjoying the way the moon illuminates them, capturing one on your tongue just to feel the contrast of cold on hot while it rapidly melts....

You can not fake it! ....but you can practice it, with patience, and when you can smile at the world with joy, the world will smile back at you.

Everyone can live a charmed life... A charmed life is not a perfect life! You could say a charmed life is a life of appreciation. Not saying it is always easy, but it is a choice...... Make it ;))


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  1. I think you are very right. Thank you for sharing these words. Very inspiring!!
    I wish you an great Sunday.


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