Dec 9, 2009

In my comfort zone?

Yesterday we had a kind of "event" at work where we (among other things) watched a truly inspiring and motivational video-clip.

This clip was about a man with big dreams, who went blind in his early twenties and realises that he can no longer fulfill his dreams and that this is probably the worst imaginable thing that could have happened to him! Or at least that was what people were telling him.

It took him a looooong time to get out of his state of mind of self-pity and realise he had to stop thinking about his physical boundries and state and just do it the other way around... To start thinking about what he wanted out of life and what his dreams really were and then start thinking of ways to get there! It's about stepping out of your comfort-zone!
It is about opening your mind to new things and let go of fears and insecurities.....

Seriously.... Have a look at what this man has now achieved!

Well, you might say that this kind of thinking is no rocket-science and I agree! Really! ...but how
many of us really function like this in every-day life? Certainly not me!
I think it would do most of us some good if we started to apply this mind-set even if it takes us YEARS to get there...

The funny thing is that right now, right this minute - I am soooo much in my comfort-zone, and I'm loving it!! But here I am talking literally in my comfort-zone. In my sofa, drinking a cup of hot chocolate in my brand new cashmere leggings (highly! ;)), a warm hoodie and cosy-socks, enjoying some peace and quiet...
I think this is OK too and I do need this! Most of my time is spent out of my comfort-zone these days!

I still can't stop wondering I limiting myself? Am I really all I can be?
Are you?? ...and how long will we wait before we go after our dreams? Let's not wait twenty years ;)
Linda - Lost in her comfort-zone (?) in Switzerland

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  1. I must admit I had never heard of this man. You are right those are some great achievements! (and I am also in my comfortzone and should definately give this a go)

    My first visit here! Lovely work so far.


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