Dec 23, 2009

A very merry Christmas!

Hoo Hooo Hooooo everyone!

It's christmas time and Sweden is certainly showing itself from its best wintery-side!
Sorry for the silence lately.... I've been deliberately occupied with other things, such as spending time with my friends, shopping for christmas-gifts and eating cupcakes - in other words, relaxing and having fun ;)

I just arrived in my home-town an hour ago to spend Christmas with my family.... This christmas is one of the whitest I've seen in years!!! It's been snowing like MAD and I'm enjoying every second of it (with the exception of driving here ;)).

I wish you all a merry and magical Christmas!!
May all your wishes come true...
Linda - Celebrating Christmas in snowy-white Sweden

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  1. De såg ju helt fantastiskt goda ut (MUMS) Johanna, Gott nytt år på dig


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