Dec 13, 2009

Life is like a road....

Maybe you have a diffrent metaphor to describe it that suits you better, but this one has always been the one on my mind....

Sometimes life is uphill (the kind of uphill while on your bicycle), sometimes it is downhill, thrilling and exciting!
Sometimes it takes an unexpected turn while at other times, it all feels like the same old road that you've been driving for years to go to work, school or to soccer-practise...
There is the occasional short-cut or detour! Sometimes you'll find yourself at a cross-road and at times you'll even find a dead-end, but one thing is for certain - there is no such thing as a GPS in life to guide you (just intuition and good advice), but your road will always lead you somewhere so you'd better just move with it ;)

This past week has surely reminded me of this and to paint you the picture, here is my past weeks route:

Beginning of the week was surely uphill! Not only because it starts with going to work on a Monday, but because someone that I thought I knew has deeply disappointed me and shown a side to me that I never even knew existed. How to not feel so utterly disappointed and upset by something like this is a lesson I have yet to learn...

Funny enough, it almost instantly went downhill again in that "happy-eyes-closed-wind-in-your-hair-kind-of-way! A wonderful Christmas-party with work with a 1930's Mafia-scene theme..... (if you happen to know me, you'll know that I LOVE THEME-PARTIES)!
During the evening, I also experienced some unexpected turns of the good kind...

My week took another unexpected turn when I recieved a message from someone I truly
admire - completely unexpected turn in the "too-good-to-be-true-kind-of-way".
Won't mention any details here, but if it is too good to be true or not, only time will tell!!
I have decided to go wherever my road takes me and if it takes me to disappointment - well, so be it ;) I will get over that and learn from it. What I won't do is let fear of disappointment replace my curiosity in life!

Friday was absolutely wonderful and still very much downhill! Spent the evening with two of my friends and I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful and brilliant people in my life... This is a kind of fuel to really keep one going!

Saturday was more like a traffic-jam ;) Went to Zurich for Christmas-shopping and couldn't believe the number of people in such a small space... Found the most brilliant English book-store and will surely become a regular customer! Especially after the Christmas-frenzy has blown over.... I was completely exhausted when I came home and spent the rest of this weekend recovering and relaxing.

In 17 hours I'm going home! Now this is as much down-hill as it gets these days ;)))
I feel so lucky to be spending the next 15 days with my friends and family! Such an instant happiness-trigger!

Hope you are all enjoying your roads.....hope you feel that you are headed in the right direction and if not, just remember that life has a funny way of turning when you least expect it and also remember that YOU and no one else is the driver!

Linda - Off to be a little less lost than usual in Sweden for 15 days ;)

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  1. Underbart skrivet Linda.... och tänkvärt / Johanna som har alldeles för lite tid att både blogga och läsa din blogg.. Bättring 2011


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