Aug 8, 2009

I scream for Ice cream!!

Aaaah! I miss Sweden.... I miss so many things about Sweden!
Of course my friends and family is number one on the list, completely unthreatened.
...but I have to say I also really miss the swedish food! Not just specifically swedish food, but food or sweet stuff I just can't seem to find here in Switzerland.
I mean, Movenpick is excellent - but where is Ben & Jerry's? Just a few flavours in 150ml cups. Doesn't quite cut it for me!
Where are the pints?! Where is Baked Alaska? Bohemian raspberry? Half-baked?

This is one of the first things I will do the next time I go home! Buy myself a pint of Baked Alaska and watch some swedish TV.....


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  1. Oh let's swap, I will send you B&J's and you'll send me Movenpick, do we have a deal ;o)


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