Aug 25, 2009

"I'm in love, In love" with

...pardon the excitement but -

I have found a new little web-accessorie-gem that I like to share with you... They have sooo many nice things!

I'm going NUTS over these gorgeous little sterling silver jewellry pieces, so naturally, (like any planner) I have made a priority-slash-wish-list-slash-top-5-list.

1. "I am in love, in love"
Love at first sight! Oh yes....
This little locket (to the left) is gonna be mine for the keeping....
So pretty with it's little lace bow & Swarowski crystalled glass-flower......Aaaahhh.....

....bring out the little diva in you (or at least pretend to be one?)
by hanging this statement envelope around your neck!

Isn't this adorable? A little milky-blue bouqet of flowers to carry with you into the less flowery fall? These won't fade but will last you year-round, I am certain....

This one suits me almost too well ;))
I especially love the little brass-key and the glass-drop detail....

Tiny brass ballerinas with a little grey satin bow....dingeling on a silver chain!

They do have some tops too, but most of them are a little too outrageous for my style.......with the exception of the "I really need a fuckin' coffee" top....which would suit me quite well in the morning!

Well..... I hope you like these!
If you do, have a look and let me know which one is YOUR favourite ;)


In love.....and lost in Switzerland

Ps....will be in Germany on a businesstrip until Friday, so chances are you won't hear from me until the weekend... Take care!!


  1. Awww I love these :}
    Thanks for the heads up!
    xo Sprinkle

  2. I loved that pendant. It is gorgeous

  3. Kuvertet var helt klart coolast, men både buketten och skorna skulle gärna få komma hem till mig! =) Fin blogg du har! Kram från Västerås!

  4. =))

    Tack Emma!! Hoppas allt ar bra med dig!
    Kram fran Schweiz

  5. Very Nice !!!
    This is Fashion and Mode in one cool Design.


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