Aug 21, 2009

Movie recommendation - 17 again

17 again (2009)
4/5 here is something fun for the weekend if you are unlucky to suffer from a weekend of bad weather, just need to relax, laugh or if you simply don't have any other plans!
This movie was a very pleasant surprise!!

Starring Zac Efron, Matthew Perry & Leslie Mann, this brilliant comedy is about a guy whose life didn't quite turn out how he wanted it or expected it to and he wishes he could go back in time to change that as he is feeling a little robbed of his "true" destiny.
He goes back to his old high-school, reminiscing about the old glory days where he meets an old janitor.
Later, he sees the same janitor trying to jump off a bridge so he stops his car and tries to stop him from jumping! Instead, he falls down with the janitor.....
The next morning he wakes up to find he is 17 again with the chance to rewrite his life!

Sounded to me when I first read about this movie that I'd seen it before - but it's really truly funny and heartwarming at the same time! ...and as I've grown older, I see too many examples of people who would really need just this to realize how lucky they really are in life!

Watch the trailer:

Or read more about it here:


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