Aug 16, 2009

Movie recommendation - My summer of love

My summer of love (2005)

Two 16-year olds spending one long, hot summer together in Yorkshire.

Mona (Natalie Press) is a tough Northern girl whose spiky exterior hides an untapped intelligence and a yearning for something beyond the emptiness of her daily life.

Tamsin (Emily Blunt) is well educated, cynical and spoiled, and, unlike Mona, incapable of love.

At first Mona and Tamsin's distinctly opposite cultures, backgrounds and characters cause them not to understand or trust each other, but gradually these differences lead to mutual fascination and attraction. Added into the volatile mix is Phil who, despite his troubled past, has now found divine love which he hopes will save himself and Mona.

This movie will not suit the conventional, but it for sure kept me spellbound from start to finish!!
In my opinion, stumbling into such a little gem is quite rare - so don't miss it ;)

Watch the trailer:

...or read more:

Enjoy - and let me know what you thought...
Lost in the unconventional & preferably independent world of movies


  1. i've actually watched this not too long ago & am using it for my sociology of film presentation that is tomorrow! very interesting movie. i loved the filming of it with the colors & style. i'm so nervous about my presentation though!!

  2. Wow! That was a very funny coinsidence!! I'm sure you'll do fine =)) Do let me know! Good luck...

  3. Wonderful news!!! Do you plan to blog anything about it?


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