Aug 12, 2009

Movie recommendation - Ponyo

Ponyo (on a cliff by the sea)

A truly delightful little film inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale “The Little Mermaid".

The story is about a little boy by the name of Sosuke who is playing by the sea when he finds a little stranded goldfish. He wants to rescue her and brings her home in his little green bucket.
He takes care of her and names her Ponyo. He feels very affectionate about her and promises to take care of her forever.

Ponyo isn't just any goldfish, she has run away from home as she desperately wants to become human. She also posesses magic powers!
Sosuke has a little cut on his hand and Ponyo kisses it and the wound is instantly healed.
Sosuke is amazed....

Ponyos father, Fujimoto, wants her back and so he sends for the wave spirits to bring her back and he succeeds!
Sosuke is left heartbroken and Ponyo, now back in the ocean again is also heartbroken and very upset as she has fallen in love with the little boy Sosuke that has taken such great care of her.

Ponyo suddenly starts to transform into what looks a bit like a human. She starts getting legs and arms. This happened when Ponyo came in contact with this little drop of human blood from Sosukes finger. Fujimoto is very unhappy about this and goes to find Ponyons mother, Granmammare.

In the mean time, Ponyos siblings helps her escape to go back to Sosuke and his mother, but to go back to their house, Ponyo uses her magic to make herself human. This causes an imbalance in the world, which results in a huge storm!

Ponyos father finds Granmammare and she tells him that if Sosuke and Ponyo pass a test of love, Ponyo can stay human forever if she wishes to. In the test Ponyo has to give up her magic powers and Sosuke has to be willing to love her eternally exactly the way she is, even is she is a fish or a mermaid!

This movie is completely adorable!! Miyazaki is truly the master of animated storytelling!
I watched the movie in japaneese with english subtitles, which is what I prefer, but I heard
that the english dubbed version has a very starry cast with Cate Blanchett (Lord of the rings, The Aviator), Matt Damon (The Bourne movies...) & Tina Fey (from 30 rocks).
Don't miss it ;)

Watch the trailer:

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  1. Oooh my goodness! That looks really good :} I don't know why I've never heard of it before... & TINA FEY IS IN IT!!!!!!!!!!! :D I'm a HUGE Tina Fey fan, haha. I can't wait to watch it!

  2. Hahaha! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I'm a big Miyazaki fan... I think the US/English version is just about to premier in the US (as a Disney release which surprised me). Let me know your thoughts once you've seen it!


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