Aug 17, 2009

Sweden vs Switzerland

Hello my lovely blog-readers!

So... I asked my Facebook friends what they would like to see in my next blogpost and I got this as a suggestion and must say, I love the idea!!

This blogpost is dedicated to Katja Tedmar Thank you for the inspiration!!! ;)




....based on what I know so far - here is the comparison ;))

Pros about Sweden
The shopping is sooooo much better +1
People let you mind your own business +1
People are open and relaxed +1
There are places where you can go shopping for the latest fashion everyday of the week (in Stockholm at least) until 9pm +1
...and for groceries everyday of the week until at least 10pm +1
SMÅGODIS - candy! +1
You don't have to go far to find your own spot in the grass or by a lake and you can be
Even by the sea... +1
The service in restaurants is much better +1
It is sooo easy to be a vegetarian and eat healthy food +1
Tax-declaration is so easy, like it was made for dummies in comparison to the Swiss version, and comes to you in a pre-filled form with all your incomes, savings etc... +1
International movies are shown in their respective languages with subtitles +1
It is only dark for a few hours every night during summer +1
= 14

Cons about Sweden
You pay 27-30% tax up to around 3 000 EUR and anything above 50%! How can you make money?! -1
THE WINTER (unless you are a polarbear or Santa Clause, this is just not pleasant)!!!
Brrrrrrr! -1
Alcohol is monopolized to one single store (Systembolaget) and their opening hours SUCK! -1
The VAT is ridicilously high! -1
You drive for 6 hours and you just got to another swedish town, with almost identical climate....boring... -1
When you go to the doctor, they assume you suffer from hypochondria unless you are visibly dying -1
Winter and fall is reeeeeeaaaally dark and long -1
= -8
Total result Sweden: +6

Pros about Switzerland
The tax-system is awesome (especially for a Swede)!! 7-10%! +1
The nature is u n b e a t a b l e in terms of beauty!! +1
The CHOCOLATE! Mmmmmmm..... +1
The Rhein! Seriously... The river here is turqoise, see-through and sooo beautiful! +1
I can be in Italy in 3-4 hours! +1
I am in Germany in 5 minutes +1
I can go to France in a little more than 1 hour+1
The cheeeeese (this could of course also count as a con, aswell as the chocolate, as the cholesterol level in your blood tends to drastically increase unless you have the self-discipline of a buddhist munk!) +1
The climate (summers are REALLY hot and winters are mild ♥♥♥) +1
Great carreer opportunities (very low unemployment rate) +1
The service that the banks give here make me feel like a millionare!! +1
If your issue is acute, you can get penicillin and antibiotics WITHOUT a prescription from your doctor (the pharmacy staff do quick exams) +1
Swissair +1
The Alps +1
Chiropractors are just as highly considered as "normal" doctors and hence, you pay the same amoumt of money (this pro is very much appreciated right now!!) +1
= 15

Cons about Switzerland
You can only throw away your garbage TWICE every WEEK in my area and every bag needs a you can imagine the pain of forgetting to buy the stamps on the day of disposal and then needing to throw away the residuals of your seafood dinner?!?! -1
There are speedcameras everywhere and they ALL work (ppl drive in the pace of turtles!) -1
Swiss-people are like the police! You can not park incorrectly for 3 minutes without someone telling you to immediately move your car or else..... I've even had one elderly man screaming he would call the Polizei when all I wanted was to offload my groceries! -1
There is no sea here and the lakes are soooo crowded! -1
Impossible to find "real" shrimps! -1
It's so difficult to find healthy food, especially good salads (with the dressing on the side) !! -1
The german-lessons I'm taking don't help! Swiss-german is impossible for me to understand and few people speak english (or let's say few ppl are willing to...) -1
The whole freakin' country is closed on Sundays!! -1
Normal sized grocery-stores close at 19 on weekdays -1
Go grocery-shopping in Switzerland and you're ruined in no time!! EXPENSIVE! -1
Crap-coffee! Nespresso?? Seriously? -1
The customs fee's/import duty is suuuch a hassle (not a part of the EU)!! -1
= -12
Total result Switzerland: +2

Overall result: Sweden vs Switzerland: 6 - 2

I have probably forgotten about a million points!! ....and of course I could also add the fact that Switzerland doesn't have my family and my Swedish friends here - but in their defense, they can't really help that! That's the biggest con though ;)
On top of this, in all fareness, I am of course still biased! In all honestly, there are a lot of wonderful things about both of these countries just as there are really bad things and I think this goes for ALL countries.

I love Sweden and miss my home-country so much it hurts sometimes....and allthough this is a fact - I have no plans to move home yet... I get this question all the time: Will I ever?
Well, I'm not the kind of person who likes to plan my life ahead but want to stay open and keep room in my life for spontaneity!
I guess only time will tell ;)

Thanks for reading ♥
In Switzerland physically (lost) - but still in Sweden mentally??


  1. This post reminds me so much of my time in Switzerland. Being an American, and given the opportunity to marinate in Switzerland, I was struck by the many contrasts that revealed themselves over time.

    I was asked to list the pros and cons between the U.S. and Switzerland, and I must say that it tended to evolve over time.

    I do agree with many of your cons, but some are easily circumvented. First, you quickly learn where the speed cameras are, and websites show you where they are placed. And though shopping is expensive, you can hop over to Germany quickly to Aldi......
    I wish I were back in die Schweiz, and out of the madness of New York.

    I envy you Linda.....

    Hans Gruber

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting!
    Switzerland is indeed a lovely country - it just takes some getting used to....
    I do to to Germany for groceries when I can drive and that is really much better & cheaper =))
    Personally, I think NY sounds pretty darn great, allthough I'm sure it can't compeete with CH in terms of nature!

  3. Hi, im Muhammad, im a muslim and i would love to go to Switzerland or Sweden, and i really love your post, but whats better for a muslim?, sweden os swritzerland? because, for example: Russia is a bad country for muslims, cause they hate us. Which people are less xenophobic, swiss or swedish?

    1. Hi Muhammad! My opinon? Swedish people are more open minded ;))
      Good luck... x

    2. Thanks!!! good blog!

  4. Hi am Nadine :)
    Am planning to move in Sweden but now after I read this am confused actually I thought Sweden is way prettier "nature wise" than Switzerland :(
    Also I liked the fact that Switzerland is near to all amazing countries, so how long it takes to go from Sweden to Switzerland?


  5. really helpful! my friends and i haven't decided whether to go to sweden or switzerland this summer, so your information really helps! thanks!

  6. hello can anyone suggest me which one is better for me to settle down easily and to earn money in future, sweden or swiss ? please . greatly appreciate your answers .


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