Aug 7, 2009


...ok not really lost as in "Don't know where I am"...or "I can't find my way home"...
I know exactly where I am! I even have a GPS.
I'm more lost in the sense of "How the hell did I end up here" and "What the hell happened"...if you know what I mean!
Don't get me wrong. It was a conscious decision. Nobody forced me! In the end - I even insisted!

Free will is what it was! Now I'm more free that I ever imagined. My whole life changed when I moved here. Some things for the better and some things for the worse... Some I still don't know.

I will see this as my outlet of personal baggage! An offloading point for my inner thoughts (with some filtering) - but also a fun way to share my weird life experiences........who knows? Maybe I'm not as alone as I feel?


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