Aug 17, 2009

Pay it forward....

Hello wonderful people!

I will dedicate this new blogpost to three other blogs that I follow and that I simply adore!
As I'm quite a new blogger, it's taking some time for me to understand all the things happening here in cyberspace in terms of blogging etiquette etc, but I think I'm getting there...

In this post, I want to hand out the "Better than ice cream" award to the 3 blogs that for whatever reasons has caught my attention lately. Someone who's blog is inspiring me, someone who has done an exceptional job with their blog or just made me think diffrently about something...

The whole point of the "Better than ice cream" award is for the bloggers who recieve it to then pay it forward to the 3 bloggers who have had that same impact on them. It can even be to the blogger giving it to you, as long as you also give to 2 other bloggers to keep it moving forward!
If you recieve this award more than once, just headline it xthe number of times.
(the purple text is to be included in the blog post when passing this on so it keeps moving).

1. This one for me is a given! The first one I'm handing out is to {sprinkle} tiaras atop our pastel hair;; who's blog is just so cute and adorable that I instantly check her blog posts as soon as notification of a new post is given to me in my blogger dashboard! Thanks for the inspiration Sprinkle-girl! So glad our paths have crossed =)) Check out her blog by clicking on Sprikleton above or just click on the banner on my blog-page linking to her...

2. The second one is to a swedish interiordecorating blog from where I found so much inspiration!! Thank you Johanna !
I really urge my swedish readers to check it out ;))

3. The third one was very even as there are so many great blogs out there, but yesterday I recieved a comment on one of my blogposts from a girl called "Lina". I found that she has a beeaaauuutiful blog of her own, called From Lina , and I especially LOVE her pictures!! It was blog-love at first sight and I'm now a happy follower....

Thank you all for inspiring us and I hope you will pass these awards on...

To the rest of you- be sure to check these out and let me know if you find some inspiring blogs on your own that you would like to share with me...

Linda - Lost in Switzerland


  1. i'm so flattered! what a lovely award & what nice things you said : ) i'll be sure to blog about it soon! thank you!

  2. Thanks Linda. Nice as always :) Johanna "missfixtrix"


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