Aug 23, 2009


Just came back from a FANTABULOUS day picnicking outdoors in the sunshine at Husemersee (inbetween Schaffhausen and Wintherthur)!!
It is truly amazing how an afternoon of fresh air, sunshine, picnicking & playing in the green grass does wonders for ones soul! ....and it's so simple!
Just pack a cooler bag of some goodies & cool drinks, bring a blanket, a swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, something to read, something to play with, your camera, your loved one, your family or some good friends and just find a spot somewhere (preferably by the water)! THE WORLD IS TRULY YOUR OYSTER!
This time, we also brought soap-bubbles.......they are so pretty!!

As I stated in my previous posts, I would really have liked to try to have a picnic in a tree, but still think that would be a little premature ;)) Besides, a tree picnic would require a big old oak tree or similar and they don't errhhmmm really grow on trees here (oh gosh, I'm such a nerd!)........

The weekend was spent in Winterthur and it has been really great and veeeeery calm.... Still being very careful with my back as I don't want any relapses! Missed the fireworks in Neuhausen on Saturday on purpose as we got a little tooooo comfortable in front of the TV, having a 30 rocks marathon......with popcorn!
....and we easily convinced ourselves that as we had seen fireworks just a few days earlier, it wouldn't be a disaster to miss them (if any of you reading this were there - please do tell how it was??).

It is Sunday evening so, like every Sunday evening, I'm thinking about the week ahead of me!
This time with a little bitter-sweet taste... Bitter as I will go to Germany on a business-trip this week, for a few days, and I'm a little bit afraid of what my back will have to say about that and because, like after any great weekend - I just don't feel compleeeeetely ready for a week of hard work ;))
So why is it sweet? Well.... Believe ir or not, but I actually really LIKE my job! I have a great, challenging job and some wonderful collegues! Also, this week in Germany, I will get to meet the people I work with practically every day over phone, e-mail & web-conferencing, face to face again, which is always fun!

Now time to once again snuggle up in the sofa, watching a good movie or perhaps some more 30 rock?? Eeeeehhhh.... Do I have an addiction? Does it sound bad?? Could be worse, right?

How about making a vow to do the following things this week? I hope you're with me!!
1. Give someone that is not a close friend a compliment!
2. Smile at and say Hello to all the elderly people you pass by...
3. Call an old friend with whom you haven't spoken for a while.

Remember, it is nice to be important - but it's MORE IMPORTANT TO BE NICE!

I really hope you had a great relaxing weekend and that you'll enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!
Sending you all a big smile right now (regardless of your ages ;))

Happy, but a little lost in her Sunday dwelling....still in Switzerland


  1. Appropå picnic i träd så kan du ju överväga att prova hotell Hackspetten (i kära gamla V-ås) nästa gång du är i landet:)

  2. Hahaha! Tack....det ar faktiskt en riktigt bra ide!! =))


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