Aug 21, 2009

Dear diary...

It is Friday and the dark, angry-looking clouds that were earlier hiding the beautiful sunshine have now disappeared......the sun is shining on Schaffhausen again!!
Am happy as I managed to have lunch today with a good friend who's getting MARRIED soon (am soooo excited for the two of them!!). Love to hear all the planning details and am soooo looking forward to their BIG DAY!!
...just left for me to also decide on what to wear?! Gosh! Only two weeks away!

For the past few days, I've been working from home which has been great for my back!! I'm laying down with the computer in my lap, my handsfree plugged in, ready for phonecalls and teleconferences and alternating that with back-excercises and walks. Now I feel muuuuuuch better (and am completely off medication)!!! ...the feeling is like I have been released from prison (not that I actually know what that feels like......but...oh well...)!!

Opening up my e-mail inbox this morning, was despite the ridiculous number of unread e-mails (450 in 1 1/2 weeks during the holiday period??), a "peace of cake" thanks to the WONDERFUL colouring system I am using to determine wether the e-mail was:

- Sent only to me or containing the words "activity request"
(Priority 1 to open! - marked in RED)
- Sent to me with but with someone else in my team in copy or contains the word "deadline"
(priority no 2, marked in BLUE)
- Sent to a group of people with me AND someone else in the "TO" field (Normal priority, e-mail is GREEN)
- Sent to a distributionlist with me either in copy or in blind-copy and all the rest
(Just regular BLACK)

I am a little bit of a structure freak at work, so basically the total opposite from outside of work (this was just for you mom, if you are listening as I'm sure you'd be wondering who I'm talking about). I believe in the saying "Don't bring your work home"! (or maybe that's just a lazy excuse.....not sure!).
Still a lot of greens and blacks left but I have reduced the number of red's by 100% and the blue's by 75%! I think I can feel pretty good about this considering the starting-point....

A little bit of a theme in my life right now seem to be fireworks! I fireworks!!
I have the pleasure of having a "castle" (the Munot) my neighbour....kind of...and on Wednesday this week there were FIREWORKS up there! We were sitting on the balcony/terrace and talk about the best seat in the h o u s e !! (with the exception of having to spend 15 minutes cleaning out firework/gunpowder residuals from my hair afterwards...and not to mention the mess it left on the floor....all worth it though)!
This weekend, on Saturday, there will appearantly be another firework session at the beautiful Rheinfall and we will definately be going to this. YAY! Hoping to find something I can use as a tripod as the pictures were not so nice as I had hoped =o/
Let's see...... Will keep you posted!

Oh....this next few lines certainly do not go by the theme of fireworks.
Recieved some very disappointing news (applying THE FILTER now if you are wondering) just before the weekend, so feeling a bit down at the moment - but will surely snap out of it! It just meant to be??! Well.... I HAVE to snap out of it.... A positive attitude and mindset is KEY to many ways of being creative and moving forward in diffrent aspects in life - keep this in mind! (I'm also reminding myself by writing this ;)).....
Need to watch wome more of 30 rock and laugh a bit!!

Have a great weekend girls & boys, ladies & gentlemen, wives & husbands, mom's & dad's and whom ever else is reading this (you should really drop me a guestbook note telling me who you are *wink wink* ;))!

Linda - Still lost in Switzerland

Ps. I love my little flag counter that I installed a couple of days ago! It counts the number of unique visitors per country =))

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