Aug 10, 2009

A case of the Mondays...

I mean a reeeeaaally bad case of the Mondays...the kind that will be extened into an entire week.

So, On Friday I hurt my back really bad and got Lumbago (ryggskott in swedish). So let's say this weekend hasn't exactly been very active...

Yesterday I was feeling a bit better, but this morning I woke up and could hardly get out of bed on my own. It has gotten worse and now I also feel it in my legs.

I was determined to go to work anyway, stubborn as a donkey, since this week happens to be the most stressful week during the entire month, so off I go! Crawled into the car (I was not driving myself of course).
30 (painful) minutes later arriving at the office... (30 minutes late as I move at the pace of a senile turtle). What happens? I can't log in to my computer! Someone has deleted my work account! (maybe a sign??) Great... I call helpdesk - but they can be of any help. They have to send a technician...

I speak to the director, as my boss is on holidays this week, as I have to cancel my businesstrip to Paris with him on Thursday (obviously since I can barely walk). He starts asking me If I should really be in the office as I'm clearly not feeling well and tells me to go home and makes a joke. Actually a very nice joke.....but what do you think happens now? I start to cry! Crap! Crap! Crap! Bye bye being respected! I CAN'T HANDLE PITY (unless it comes from myself)! Gosh!
I quickly ran (yeah, well in my head I ran) into the printer room... Big crocodile tears running down my cheeks....5 seconds later Mr Director is there. Such a sweetheart! Telling me I shouldn't worry so much and only think about myself and my health first. He said he admires the fact that I tried to work, but to now cancel this weeks meetings and just go I did.

Well, I stopped by the doctors office on the way home as I need a permit to be off work.
Now I feel like an involuntary junkie!! He prescribed me one week of rest, Diazepam to relax the muscles, Tramadol to ease the pain, Paracetamol to get rid of the headache?! This can't be good!

If this isn't a case of the Mondays, then I don't know how to qualify ;)
Now I will try to rest (which is quite easy when you're all drugged) and then watch a bunch of movies... Who knows? Maybe some movie tips will come out of this!
Stay posted.

The Turtle


  1. Aj då! Hoppas du känner dig bättre snart. Gör nu som bossen säger och tänk på dig själv och din hälsa i första hand. Kram Johanna

  2. Tack!!! =)) Ska forsoka... Kram


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