Aug 12, 2009

Dear diary...

It has now been 1 year, 1 month and 11 days since I permanently moved, from my l o v e l y home-country Sweden, to Switzerland and I have to say WOW! Time really flies...

For those of you who already know me, you are aware of the incredible life-transformation I have gone through during this time. To make a long story short, to the rest of you, all I can say is NEVER EVER do the following things in one go:

* Sell your house
* Change your job (I especially mean change your job as in taking a HUGE carreer leap)
* Become a manager of people
* Move to a foreign country
* Leave your family and friends behind
* Find and move into a new apartment
* Get a divorce (incl. dividing your belongings once everything was already moved to the new country while only one of the parties remain there....)
* Learn a new language
* Try to make new friends
* Start a new relationship with someone
* Get Lumbago while playing bowling (together with the man in the point above)
* Get Lumbago again while trying out roman rings (I really just wanted to see if I still could!!)

I am quite certain that the above things would be more easy to handle if done one at a time, so I'm not saying don't do it! Just don't follow my example and do it all at once.....

These things (most of them) would actually all be considered as wonderful opportunities if looked at separately! Even if I cluster a few of them together while hiding a few others - I'm the luckiest girl on this side of the planet (at least)!
This is how I have decided to start looking at my life now

Last Friday, I had another Lumbago "attack" and since then, I have more or less been laying down because of the intense pain that comes with it, just going for short walks around the block, surfing on the internet, watching movies and episodes of numerous TV-series. (well as mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was stupid enough to think I could work this past Monday - which of course was a bad bad idea).
Strangely (or miraculously) enough, as in most bad situations - something really good has come out of it!
Just look - In the midst of boredom and the fog of heavy medication, I decided to follow up on this little dream I've had for quite some time to start my own blog and V O I L A !
I've had more than 1 000 unique visitors in just a week. Not that I really know, but that's gotta be good? No?

Coming back to what I was talking about further up.... I would like to share a quote with you, that I read this morning, that I felt was so wise and inspiring and so clearly the explanation to why I sometimes find myself unhappy or sad in certain situations:

"Nothing prevents happiness like the memory of happiness"
by Fariha Akhlaq

I will leave you for now with these words and hope they can also bring you some clarity... I will for sure try to keep this in mind!

Take care & thanks for listening....and following ;)

xox Linda


  1. Jag tror det var det bästa jag hört på extreeeeeeemt länge. Snacka om TRUE! Hoppas du börjar må bättre och lova att höra av dig om du behöver något! KRAM Emma

  2. Oj oj vad du varit med om mkt. Men trots allt detta är du förmodligen en starkare person =) ibland ter sig livet annorlunda än vad man väntat sig och man gör det bästa av det o det ser det ut som du gjort. kram Teresa

  3. Det var mkt jag inte visste men det jag visste var att du är positiv, drivande och får saker att hända så jag är inte förvånad att du står starkare än nånsin. (Förutom ryggen :))
    Fortsätt hålla humöret uppe så går allt vägen och skrik till när det dyker upp något spännande jobb i framtiden :)
    Ha det Johanna

  4. Thanks a lot for your comments! I really appreciate it =)


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