Aug 18, 2009

Some recently shopped "treasures"

Coooou Cooouuuu!

Wanted to share some of my latest findings with you as I adore all of them ;))
Where possible I will tell you where you can find them in case you, as me, fall in love with any of these items....

The first picture is a blouse that I bought online at (I know, I'm mentioning this site a's brilliant!). I think it's soooo cute! It's got my favourite thing, a neck bow-tie and little dog-prints! AND it doesn't cost a fortune!! Couldn't resist...

The second books are both inspirational and funny! They come from a LOVELY book website called, Taschen, that has a great range of cute and interesting books such as these that look great on your coffee-table (for ppl in Stockholm - they also have books from Taschen in the store Stockhome in Sergelgången)...

On the third picture you can see my latest shoe-purchase... Got these Paco Gil flats in Venice and they are GORGEOUS (my opinion of course....) and comfortable! Found the website - but not my shoes on it. Found some other good ones though...uuuhmmmm... ;)

Picture number four is an adorable bar of soap that I found in a shop just around the corner from where I live called Lieblings. It's a wonderful little shop where I love to go in if I'm out walking in Schaffhausen and I have some spare time... They also have an online Noa-Noa shop!

Number five is a cute denim dress from Calvin Klein, bought at a fabulous brand outlet in Lugano, here in Switzerland, called Fox Town. If you are in the area - I'd stongly recommend a stop there! There are plenty of stores in there - but my favourites were Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Gucci and Calvin Klein. Very good prices and actually a good assortment!

Oooohhh! Number 6 is a little tray - perfect for bringing the cup of tea or hot-chocolate upstairs to my sofa (and it also fits at least 4 cupcakes at the same time ;)). This little treasure is also from the Liebling shop here in Switzerland.

The seventh picture is one of the two carneval masks that I bought in Venice (the other one is the green, feathered one that you can see in my Venice post or in my Flickr photo-stream).
It's handmade and I love the colours and the flower details. Unfortunately here I can't give you a link but simply repeat something said before in my Venice post; GO THERE if you can! It's great! One piece of advice on buying masks... Don't get the ones in the stands on the piazzas etc but go for the ones in the specialized mask-maker stores. Not THAT much of a price diffrence, but quality-wise a big diffrence.

...almost the same story goes for the 8th picture. These little cherry earrings were so adorable that I couldn't resist (even though found in a department for children! Who says grown-up's can't have cherry earrings?? ;)). I found them in San Gimignano in Tuscany, so also in Italy......and again, if you have the opportunity to see Tuscany - GO! Such a beautiful place...
Anyway, I found something very similar here if you are interested.

That's all for now..... Will now head out for a little walk by the Rhein and then do some back-excercises so I can get this back of mine fixed ASAP! I'm MOTIVATED (Yeah!)...and reaaaaallyy bored of staying at home!! My comforts right now are my wonderful boyfriend, the TV series "30 rock" (really, if you haven't seen it - do ASAP! I'm laughing my ass off!!) and my blog!

Take care and hope to see you again very soon!

Lost somehere by the Rhein in Switzerland


  1. Thank you for your comment :) I adore cupcakes, and they are so fun to make, you should definitly give it a go. Your blog is lovely by the way :)

  2. Why, thank you!! =))
    Regarding the cupcakes....they are cooling down as we speak ;) If I manage, I will share the pics and the recipee (as I had to make up my own in shortage of some ingredients)!
    Thanks for reading!

  3. i simply adore that mask!
    i would love to go to a masquerade ball!

  4. Hi Lina, Thanks for stopping by =))
    There are soooo many gorgeous masks there... I am definately going back there for the carnival! I think it must be magical...


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