Dec 9, 2010

Day 16 – Friends from the past

While growing up, I had many friends with whom I have now lost all or most connections. The most common reason is moving away, but another one is also growing apart.
Thankfully, these days, we have social online tools such as Facebook to make it easier to stay in touch.

This post will be dedicated to two of my friends from the past, from my teenage years to be precise, with whom I've had soooooo much fun!

Linda & Marie

When I was, I think 12 or 13, I had a thing for sleeping in a tent! I found it EXCITING and I loved the feeling of being close to nature. One day, another friend, Anna, and me decided to do something a little out of the ordinary and put up the tent at the small, local football field. Here we had found an additional pro that we could combine it with - socializing and more importantly at this age, stare at boys.
A little later in that eve, a blond girl called Marie came by and I had never before met anyone like her. She was so much fun!

We started to hang out and she introduced me to her long time friend, Linda.
Now we were a trio and we stayed strong and inseparable throughout the (somewhat crazy) teenage years.
We were riding horses together, partying, dancing, laughing, gossiping, swimming and just enjoying each others companies. We also survived quite some rivalry (I specifically remember an incident involving a toothbrush and an aquarium!! Ha ha ha! ;))!
During this time, I also met Madde (who I wrote about in a previous post) so she was also part of our little group.

Linda and I moved in together, at the age of 20, with another girl called Johanna. We had a flat in a small, Stockholm suburb and had, quite honestly, one of the most fun years ever! We also drifted apart, but I know she is happy, which she really deserves!! I really miss our heart-to-hearts and I always felt I lost a great friend. We were very close.
Marie and I lost touch around the age of 19. We sort of grew apart and lived in "different worlds". She was incredibly talented already then (she was ALWAYS singing ;)) and just a few years ago, she won the Swedish version of "American Idol". Very well deserved and I voted for her like crazy! Here is one of her, MANY, outstanding performances:

Life is funny in this way, because from all the people I have known, I have gained something, learned a lot and in some cases also lost something. No one passes by unnoticed or without adding something valuable or teaching us some kind of life lesson. These two lovely ladies contributed greatly to my adolescence and I have so many memories from this time that I hold dear.....all thanks to them.



  1. I also lost a few friends by growing a part. It is sad but a part of life I guess. Marie has an amazing voice so no wonder she won.

  2. What a lovely post :)
    It took me back to memories of some of my best friends and how we also grew apart.
    How exciting that you got to vote for her! She has a beautiful voice :)


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