Dec 19, 2010

Day 26 – I swear! It's a true story!

I used to work for the mafia. 

One of my first jobs was in telemarketing. I worked for this company for a little more than 6 months, selling washing detergents and other home cleaning products..
One day, we came into the office to start working but none of the phones were working. We waited and waited and a few hours later the lights went out.
Naturally, we asked the boss what was going on and he calmly explained there had been some minor mishap with the payment of bills that month and that we could all go home for the day.

On the 25'th the same month, the salary that you, rightly so, take for granted will appear on your account every month didn't. We asked the boss again who gave the same kind of story as before but this time, we were quite a few who didn't, as naively, buy into it.

We made quite a fuss and involved the unions and the newspapers and a month later we found out that we had been working for a shell company, used by "Uppsala maffian".

There was a big trial and the salary, remained absent for another 4 or 5 months awaiting bankruptcy declaration.

This is making a very long story short, but there were also some less pleasant threats involved as we did discover some things along the way we weren't supposed to know (curious as we were, we also did some investigating of our own). What I can say is that we were really  naive and in more ways than one. I mean, seriously, the boss once came to our office wearing electronic'd think that this would raise some suspicion?! Well it didn't....just some curiosity ;)) Hahahahaaaa!  Also, we should have of course known better than to "investigate" mafia activity on our own. 

Oh least this makes me one experience richer.



  1. I knew this girl once, who lived in a mansion, quite an interesting and down-to-earth girl... we were friends until I found out that a certain family was the leading mafia family in a certain village near Napoli... and that certain village is where my friend lived... and that certain surname was her same surname... and all of a sudden a chill went down my spine and decided it was best to forget about her, I prefer leather shoes to concrete ones!! :)

  2. Hahahaaaaa! Fantastic story Silvio!! YOU should have a blog ;)) xox


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