Dec 11, 2010

Day 18 – Memories of a birthday

I love birthdays!! Always did and always will..... It's not about the gifts (and not even about the cake ;))'s about the suspense and all the people, taking their precious time to celebrate you on YOUR day. I can't help it.... I'm a sucker for birthdays and not only my own - but also celebrating the birthday of the people I love.

Now I could have chosen many good birthday memories (after all, I have 31 birthday's to choose from, all though I can only remember 27 ;)), but I will choose the one from last year.

My amazing friend Aryan came here to visit me, which was the best birthday gift I could have ever imagined! We gossiped and baked cupcakes and in the evening I had a small party at my place with just some of my closest friends from here.
We ate the cupcakes and had quite a few drinks and decided to go out in Schaffhausen and "shake this place up a bit". Well....mission accomplished and I it was as much fun in one eve I've ever had I think!! Instead of writing the details - I will share some photos.
Oh what a day/eve/night!
Thank you Aryan, Milly, Simon, Emma and Anja for making this birthday unforgettable! ....or as we called it then "Awesome! Legendary!" =))



  1. Muuuaahahaha legendary!!! Love u ♥♥

  2. I love these pics, looks like a brilliant birthday! :) Wanna be able to make such gorgeous cupcakes ;) xx

  3. OMG...Kan bara hålla med Aryan LEGENDARY!!!!


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