Dec 28, 2010

A post Christmas/pre New years update

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, spending some quality time with your near and dear ones.... I also hope you have some nice plans for New Years eve?
I thought I'd write a quick update, since it's been quite a while since the last one....mainly due to the 30 day blog challenge, which was fun, but also time consuming ;)

Currently, I'm
Happy about: So many things!! Impossible to pick one...... My life in general maybe?
Disappointed about: Not being able to go home for Christmas this year because our flight was cancelled and not having the next trip home planned & booked.
Looking forward to: Going to the Dominican Republic in 15 days!!!Thinking about: The just mentioned trip of course, the amazing fish fondue we had on Christmas Day and what to cook for New Years eve....and also still a lot about the future and especially about my next step/move work-wise......not entirely straight forward.
Listening to: These songs on repeat: (Thanks Therese!!) (Thanks Aryan!!)
Worrying about: Another snow chaos, preventing us from going on our trip.....but I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed!
Hoping: ...that when I try downhill skiing for the first time (on New Years Day), things will go well (at least I think I have a good teacher;)))!!
Laughing about: The memory of myself, walking home barefoot in the snow from the annual company Christmas party because of hurting feet. Oh my goodness!! Hahahaaaaa!!
Wondering: How my new tennis racket will feel when I play with it for the first time!!
Planning: To finally take the PADI diving certificate during our trip to the Dominican Republic =))
Smiling about: of my Christmas gifts! I got this fabulous Marc Jacobs watch (see pic on right) from Chris and if you have been following my blog for a while you will know it was mentioned more than twice ;)) I LOOOOOVE IT!!!! =p
Also very happy about the hike we made on Sunday, up a very snowy and at times quite steap hill, to the Hagenturm. It was an amazingly beautiful day with sunshine and untouched powder snow!!
Inspired by: ....being in love!
Thankful for: Being able to spend Christmas with Chris family. Really really lovely!!
Wishing: I had some more time for holidays as I desperately want to go home for at least a week.
Sad about: My grandmother who passed away a little more than a week ago"! She was an amazing lady....... =((
Wanting: to be Thursday as I've taken Thursday and Friday off.
Feeling: Calm, relaxed and veeeeery ready to go on holiday!



  1. I feel very sorry for your grandmother.

    I wish you good luck for the coming year!

  2. thank you my dear daughter for youre fine support when my mom was the worst day in my short life so far,,,:-( Kisses and hug´s Paps

  3. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother =-(
    Must feel good that you are going away for holiday.
    Wish you and your family all the best for 2011!!


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