Dec 8, 2010

Day 15 – A favourite memory

A childhood memory 
The school bus stops, like every day, at the start of the little gravel road, leading up to our house, dropping me off. I walk the distance, roughly 300m's, up to our house, EXCITED - because I know that on the porch of our neighbours house (my grandmother and grandfathers house), my beloved grandmother will be waiting for me, waving to me with the coffee pot in one hand and a bag of her home made cinnamon buns in the other hand, asking me if I want to come in for a "Fika". As always, I accept and enjoy our daily, almost hour long session of chatting, laughing, drinking coffee, eating cinnamon buns, playing piano, solving cross-word puzzles or just reading some novels together.
I treasure these memories more than words can say and not many days go by that I do not give them a thought.......a thought that always make me smile, but also makes me miss her so much that it hurts.

A grown-up memory 
I had been telling myself "This is not a good idea! He might be a gorgeous, nice and down to earth man, but you want to move back to Sweden soon and you should not get involved with anyone right now!". Still I decided to call my mom and my friend Aryan for some adult and objective advise on the matter, expecting them to tell me "Clever girl! Don't go!"....but instead they tell me "What do you have to loose?! Go! Have fun!" and so I accepted the dinner invitation I was planning to kindly decline.
I went to the dinner, still very unsure if this was the right decision, wondering if I should make up an excuse and turn back home.... "I don't need any more complication in my life!", I thought. Arriving at his place, I am greeted by his irresistible smile and a dinner table that is set in an impressive manner to say the least (just so you know, I'm not that easy to impress...and this guy was a bachelor!) and he has made us a vegetarian (V E G E T A R I A N ) thai curry that tastes divine..... We have an incredible evening of conversation, laughter, tension and romance and in a moment, in this very moment, I realize that I have found, what seems to be the perfect man for me! I am sold..... Off the market.... A gonner....or whatever else you'd call it!!
You know, I'm no longer as naive as I used to be, but so far - I believe this has the potential of becoming one of my best decisions ever (you can expect to hear more about him on day 30 ;))!

Wow! Just realized that I'm already half way through!! Time flies ;)



  1. Beautifully written Linda! I can feel the warmth and love.


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